November 30, 2010

Perfume Review: Serge Lutens Chergui.

No, I haven't splurged and bought a new Lutens perfume but I'm getting really addicted to them, and I had the opportunity to try this one after I got a generous sample of it.

Chergui is the name of a wind that blows in the Maroccan desert. One that feels dry, hot, dessicating even, that moves dust and feels unpleasant. But it was nevertheless the inspiration behind this perfume created in 2001.

And I can totally see (or rather, smell) why: this is the kind of fragrance that will remind you of the desert even if you've never actually seen it, and that you'll enjoy wearing in the cold Winter to make yourself feel more cosy and warm.

The official notes in this perfume are hey, honey, musk, leather, incense, tobacco, amber, iris, rose and sandalwood. It's complex, rich, oriental and woody and I absolutely love it.
At first I get the spicy notes a lot, mostly the incense, a bit of tobacco and leather.
But  then it settles quickly on my skin (as always - I can never enjoy the first notes very long) into a milky, clean, musky mix of sandalwood and honey.
It stays there all day, strong and warm and delicious, without really fading. Every time I smell it again, I feel wrapped in a blanket of mellow warmth that, in my mind, would evoke a peaceful desert on a late afternoon, not a windy and hostile one.

I think it's a very sexy fragrance, but just like 5 O'clock Au Gingembre, it has a masculine note because of the tobacco and spices. Maybe a softer one, though, and toned down by a bit of sugar, so I actually think it's a perfect unisex perfume that fits perfectly for this time of the year.
Probably my next perfume buy.


  1. It would take a lot to seduce me away from Muscs de Koublai Khan...

  2. @ jaljen: I'm yet to try MKK, but I fell it could be too musky for me... don't know.

  3. This sounds amazing. I'm so addicted to purfume. Will have to give this a sniff tomorrow. :)

  4. J'adore ce parfum. Non seulement pour son odeur sublime mais également car il me rappelle cette merveilleuse chaleur du désert marocain que j'ai la chance de bien connaitre...
    Je n'ai par contre jamais franchi le cap de l'achat. J'ai peur que cette odeur puisse déranger les autres. J'ai toujours eu du mal à assumer les parfums un peu capiteux. Tu me donnes juste envie de courir l'acheter!

  5. @ Milie: quand j'ai acheté mon premier Lutens j'avais peur d'intoxiquer tout le monde et j'ai vérifié auprès de mes collègues, en gros personne sentait rien à part moi :)) Je pense que si tu l'utilises avec parcimonie ça ne gènera personne!

  6. Rhooo, tu me donnes encore plus envie de courir l'acheter ;-)


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