November 25, 2010

Review: La Roche Posay Cicaplast

What this is, as described by the company:

Cicaplast accelerates the skin barrier recovery process with a formula containing:-A mineral complex of copper, zinc, and mangance to promote epidermal barrier recovery. -Madecassoside: to help restore the balance in the epidermis barrier and optimal skin recovery. -Its higher water resistant, antibacterial adhesion texture acts as a protecting barrier. Perfectly absorbed, non sticky and easy to apply. This hydrating and soothing fluid relieves tightness.

Why I have been using it:

Whith Winter weather striking (hello, snow!) and the constant temperature changes between the cold outside and the centrally heated inside, my face skin is acting up like it is every year around this time. As a result, my skin is getting dry, tight, more sensitive and red, and my cheeks are flakey. This is all very uncomfortable but also not very attractive, with or without makeup on top.

Once again, I got inspired by the lovely Lisa Eldridge, who recently used Cicaplast as a makeup primer in a tutorial.
I actually knew the product already, as I had used it to help a big scar healing after a mole got removed on my face, and it had worked greatly for that purpose. Since the product claims to relieve tightness and heal flaked dry skin, I thought I really needed to try it under my makeup.

The result:

My skin healed completely in 3 days. THREE days, people, with only one application in the morning! I have been fighting with these dry cheeks for years, spending whole Winters looking like a nail file, and now it's all solved in 3 days. How much happier could I be?

Also, this indeed proved to be a fantastic makeup base! It is non-sticky and easy to apply, it makes the skin really smooth and foundation application really flawless and lasts perfectly all day.

In short: this product does exactly what it claims and doubles as a primer (although I need to check if you could use it on a regular basis on non-damaged skin, since madecassoside is a medicinal ingredient). I haven't been that enthusiast about a skincare product in a long time!

EDIT: European gals should find this easily in pharmacies for a price under 10€ depending on the country. US gals can order from Amazon for $18.50 ofr 1.3oz.


  1. Wow! I think I need some of this. I don't think the La Roche Posay skincare is available in the US- at least if it is, it's not widely. Is it expensive? Now I'll have to go hunt down the ingredient list to take a peek! Thanks!!!

  2. I LOVE the "looking like a nail file" expression !

    And of course, I'm gonna by this product !

  3. This stuff sounds amazing! I love La Roche Posay, they make good quality products but it can be a little expensive =/ In the US you can find la roche posay at CVS - not all of them have it, but I've found a few that do.

  4. @ Vida: thanks for sharring the information!


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