November 18, 2010

A sin confessed is half forgiven, aka update on Foundation Review #7

Over a year ago, I reviewed Diorskin Nude - Natural glow hydrating makeup foundation here.
And back then it was a huge disappointment.

Yet recently I've been wanting to try it again. I guess that having evolved in my taste and progressed in my application method, I kind of wanted to give this another chance because all the reviews I could read on this product were crazy positive (almost too good to be true, some would say).

So here I am and I have been wearing it for several days and I'm glad I did because I absolutely love it.
See for yourself:

Diorskin Nude, shade #20

So what changed:
  • Last year I found this didn't last very well on me, but I'm guessing it had to do either with my skin or the skincare I was using back then, because right now this is lasting perfectly all day, and I don't even powder it!
  • The product claims to be hydrating but it's really not, I do use moisturizer underneath, especially as I don't have the lasting issue anymore.
  • I thought it was too heavy on the skin, and now I really don't feel it at all. Have I gotten used to heavier formulations? I don't know. But I now find this isn't sticky, nor heavy, nor transferring when I touch my face so this is all really good.
  • I said it looked artificial, and I definitely think now that it look much less so than some other formulas I've used in the meantime. The thing is, lucky me, I have particularly good skin at the moment, so of course any foundation on top almost makes it look too even and smooth. But I'm not going to complain about that, am I? Nor can I really blame the product - after all I could wear tinted moisturizer if I wanted to look more natural.
What didn't change:
  • This is a light to medium coverage foundation, so you might still need a bit of concealer but I find that when it comes to hiding cheek redness, you can easily build up coverage and the problem is solved. I also find that, after all, using my fingers is the best method with this product.
  • It's not very glowy, the finish isn't matte but it's really not dewy, more of a satiny finish. If you want some glow you'll need to rely on highlighters. I guess people's perception on this can vary a lot because some of the reviews I recently read mentioned Nude was a very glowy, luminizing foundation. Not on me.
  • It's expensive - at 42€ this costs more than Chanel.
If I had to compare this to other foundations in my collection, I'd say it's somewhere in-between Mac Face & Body and Mac Pro Longwear. It has the same watery feeling upon application as those two have, but it gives more coverage than F&B and gives a finish somewhat similar to Pro Longwear.
It is definitely lighter on the skin than Nars Sheer Glow while giving a pretty similar coverage; Diorskin Nude is lacking the "Glow" finish in comparison, though, but it lasts maybe a tad bit longer.

All this being said, my opinion on this foundation has thus done a 180° turn from "not worth the money" to "one of the most beautiful foundations in my collection". 
What can I say, only fools never change their mind!


  1. i love this foundation - i have it in shade 23 which is i think a bit peach for me so going to buy a more yellow / beige next. i find it quite light, long lasting and looks the same at the end of the day as it does at the start, no patchiness or orangeness. also helps my blush stay on - LOVE! I hear great things about the concealer, going to try that next.

  2. The bottle looks beautiful (why am I always fooled by packaging ? I am 36 year-old and Damn, it's still working on me ...)
    Let's sum up , can we ? Holy grail : still Nars sheer glow ? have you tried the matte version of it...I can't wait to finish the 5-6 bottles of foundations I mix to try something new...I need advice !

    Caro xxx

  3. @ Amina: ooh this concealer intrigues me now!

    @ Caro: I love packaging design but this one isn't anything special I find. But indeed Nars SG is still my HG that I absolutely love. I don't plan on trying Sheer Matte though, I am not into the matte look anymore and I heard it's very different from Sheer Glow on all levels, not just finish.


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