November 27, 2010

What's your makeup story?

Haven't done a tag in a little while and like this one a lot!   1. How old were you when you started wearing makeup?At about 13, I started wearing brown mascara and pink blush. I started wearing foundation the year after that, and lipstick and minimal eye makeup at 15-16.
2. How did you get into makeup?
I've always liked it, I remember that as a little kid, like 4-5 yeras old,  I used to love looking at my aunt's makeup storage when I was spending vacations at my grandparents. She would also put some pink Chanel blush on my cheeks sometimes when I insisted.
Then finding YouTube tutorials 3 years ago really changed mu approach to it to the point it became a passion.

3. What are some of your favorite brands? 
Mac and UD for eyeshadows, Nars for foundation and blush, Illamasqua and Bobbi Brown for almost everything. But in terms of brand image and values, I'm an Illamasqua girl all the way!

4. What does makeup mean to you? 
Art, self-expression, fun.

5. If you could only wear 4 products on your face what would they be? 
Nars Sheer Glow foundation, Bobbi Brown concealer, Illamasqua brow powder and YSL Faux-Cils mascara.

6. What is your favorite thing about makeup?
It allows you to create something new every day, the possibilities are endless and it's fool proof since it washes off.

7. What do you think about drugstore makeup vs high end makeup? 
I have a few drusgtore things that I like but I have to say that I prefer mid-end to high-end products in terms of quality, longevity and especially color selection. I feel like all drugstore brands we have here all offer the same 10 eyeshadow colors, so boring!

8. What is one tip of advice you can give to a beginner? 
Get 3 good brushes for your eye makeup: blending brush, pencil brush, flat eyeshadow brush - as they do a lot of difference in your application and will last a long time if you take good care of them. Also, do what you like and wear it proudly - the biggest rule in makeup being that there's no rule :-)

9. What is one makeup trend you never understood?
Concealer-like nude lips, I don't think they're flattering on anybody.

10. What do you think about the beauty community on YouTube?
I think it's great everybody has the ability to be published or broadcasted for the world to see at almost no cost and there are a lot of talented people on YouTube, from whom I have learned and still am learning a lot.There's also negativity but I try to not look at it nor get involved. I know I wouldn't deal with it very well which is why I've always refrained from doing YT vids myself. Plus, I like the writing aspect of blogging :)   I am tagging: Aina, Ansa, Charlotte from Lipglossiping, Lilfairydoll and Saila akaThe Adventurous Purple Koala.


  1. I love reading through these!!! You feel like you get to know the person a bit better!!

  2. I completely agree with you regarding #4 and #6 (not that I don't agree with most of the rest also;-). Putting makeup is a form of art. Each morning my face is like a blank canvass: There are so many possibilities!

  3. Great tag. I love reading these too. Your answers are so close to what mine would be. Will def be doing this soon and thanks a million for tagging me. :)

  4. Thanks for tagging me – as you already noticed, I did it. Fun to read!


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