December 11, 2010

Beauty Icons, inspiration, and Holidays makeup and style

Today I've found the dress I am going to wear for the Holidays (which includes a family Christmas Dinner and New Year's Eve abroad with other relatives, so I can wear the same thing twice, haha!). I don't care for all the black stuff covered in glitters most shops are trying to make us wear at that time of the year, year after year. 
Plus they always make party clothes light and transparent as if we were all going to Australia to celebrate, and I always end up frozen, in an outfit I'm never going to wear again because it looks too Christmas-y.

Not this year, guys, not this year. This is what I'm going to wear.

Mexx, 2010.

And of course, now that the clothing issue is solved, I can focus on the most intersting part: what style am I going to rock with this, and what makeup am I going to do.

This dress definitely has a retro vibe, and you all know how much I love the 60's looks. So I have been browsing the web for inspiration.

New Burlesque icon Dita Von Teese - the ultimate pin-up. I know that isn't technically a 60's look, but she's always a good inspiration for retro looks.

The Mad Men ladies - how much retro and how much prettier than that could you get?

I wanna be January Jones when I grow up. And I think I'll be wearing a pearl necklace with my dress.

Hello, Mrs Holloway - the always beautiful Christina Hendricks.

picture property of Aina, click on it to go visit her blog

Don't think the 60's looks are dated - my friend and fellow blogger Aina rocks the Mad Men look like nobody's business, up to the pin curls!

picture property of Ashley aka HollywoodNoir, click on it to visit her website

Canadian blogger and YouTuber HollywoodNoir is the specialist for pin-up and retro looks, and she makes a beautiful modern Sophia Loren.

Who are your beauty icons? What is inspiring you for this year's Holiday looks?


  1. This is a lovely post! I can't wait for the holiday! xx

  2. Dita it's such a gorgeous woman! I love her style (:

  3. The first dress is stunning! I'm so excited about the holidays too. :)

  4. Does Dita ever look bad?? I LOVE her & her style!

  5. Wow, I am so honored that you mentioned me amongst all these amazingly gorgeous and talented women. Thanks, sweetheart. And I love the dress. Can't wait to see your hair and makeup too.


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