December 6, 2010

Fallen Angel: an introduction to BECCA

As incredible as it can sound, there are cosmetics brands that I have actually never tried. I know, shocking, right? Until very recently, BECCA was one of these. I had been looking at the products but was unsure of what to get, considering I'd have to order online. But then I saw this promo picture for the Holiday collection, and it made me really curious about the products.

BECCA was created by Australian makeup artist Rebecca Morrice Williams. She was frustrated because she couldn't find the right products to create a flawless face that would last all day,  look and feel like you had nothing on, and just had perfect radiant skin. So, she developed her own range, which took 6 years of research. At the core of the range we find the complexion products, that count no less than 30 foundation shades and 34 concealer shades!
"The whole philosophy of BECCA is about creating a natural, flawless look. It's really about skin looking amazing - everything else is secondary." Rebecca Morrice Williams, Founder
The range then extended to other products like eyeshadows, lip and cheeks products etc... but the colors are always very natural, earthy, and flattering. Becca's models are always looking youthful, dewy and radiant, perfectly flawless.

So, being interested by this collection and finding the brand concept interesting, I decided to splurge and order (which I did at Zuneta, for perfect service and fast delivery as usual).
I got the 2 palettes from this collection.

The eyeshadow palette, wich is a trio, is called Enigma. It contains 3 neutral colors that are quite cool, 2 of them are matte and one is satiny. The packaging is some kind of rubber, a bit like Nars products, with a real mirror inside and a mini brush that might actually be more usable than the usual crappy sponge applicators. The whole thing is small and thin, easy to carry in your purse, but still fells of very good quality.
The eyeshadows are perfect for a smokey eye or a simple wash of a neutral color; they're all very easy to work with, which was surprising for me because a lot of matte eyeshadows can be tricky to apply and blend. These are not, and the pigmentation is excellent. The texture isn't powdery or chalky, the quality is all in all very nice.

The lip and cheeks palette is called Fallen Angel. Those are 3 creamy products and I'm very glad they're not in the same palette as the powder eyeshadows as I hate having creams and powders together since that always ends up in a mess. The left shadow is very sheer and is in fact a cheek highlighter. The central one is a cheek and lip color, which is matte and very easy to apply but can feel a bit dry on the lips if you don't moisturize prior to application. The last one is a golden gloss, that looks very pretty on top of the peach color. The packaging is the same as for the eyeshadows, with a nice mirror and a little brush that I find very handy to apply the lip products.

Swatches aren't my speciality but if you want to see some good ones, you will find them over at The Beauty Look Book, as well as some more close-up product pictures.

Now while I was at it, I did order 2 other products from the range:

Silky Hydrating Primer : Becca has 7 different primers for all kind of skins, and you'll find one for you whatever your needs are. I picked the hydrating one because I want to use this in Wintertime mainly to keep my skin well moisturized, and as you know I do believe in wearing either primer or moisturizer, if anything, under my foundation. So I thought this one would be the most suitable and I must say it is quite moisturizing. I was expecting it to feel more silky (aka siliconey) but it really felt like moisturizer, although it did perform well on keeping my makeup looking good all day.

Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal: another key product in the Becca range and philosophy. This is described as a SPF20 water-based moisturizer that contains light-reflecting shimmer particles. It's also packed with vitamins and anti-oxydants. You can use this as a regular highlighter, on top of foundation or mixed with it, and of course you can apply on your shoulders or decolletage in the Summer. But you can also use this either as a base under foundation, or wear it like a tinted moisturizer on top of primer - with or without concealer and powder on top. This creates the typical Becca glowy look.

And here's the look I did using all the products (and Diorskin Nude foundation):

My overall impressions on the products and brand.
The products are definitely on the pricey side (each palette was 45€, the shimmering skin perfector is 48€ and the primers are 38€ although I did get on discount for 22€) but the quality is excellent and, I guess, justifies the price.
Knowing that, I will probably explore the brand more and get some other products, like the Beach Tints which are multi-use creams for the face, or more eyeshadows.


  1. I love these ads!!! Can't wait to try Becca!!

  2. The brand seems to have more or less the same philosophy as aura Mercier or Bobbi Brown, am I right ?
    And very interseting review, thanks !

  3. I love Becca. I first discovered it when I was in holiday in Las Vegas and found it @ Sephora. They don't carry it at Sephora anymore and it's very hard to find it here now. So sad cause I love the brand. You look lovely by the way. :)

  4. @ Ansa: you can order from Zuneta and I know there's another website that has the brand and ships international - need to check that.

    @Suricate: I'm not familiar enough (yet) with the Laura Mercier philosophy. When it comes to Bobbi Brown, I'd say they do share some common ideas but they achieve them with different products and techniques. Also, where BB has in my opinion a more conservative and mature image, Becca is more youthful and "back from the beach" - but that's just my perception. Products are certainly equivalent in quality.

  5. I agree with the 'back from the beach' statement. I am from Australia and BECCA is big here as it suits the lifestyle here in Sydney.

    I love the Beach Tint in Peach. See swatches and review on my blog


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