December 8, 2010

Makeup mishaps and Blogsales still on

I'm having a weird week on the makeup front. It's still über cold, there's still a lot of snow, and so my commute to work and back takes twice as much time as usual. As a results, I'm constantly running late and have to reduce the time I spend putting makeup on (or, at least, I have to try to).
As a consequence, and also because finding some decent light to put makeup on is getting difficult, I haven't really liked any of the looks I've done these past days. Not that I looked completely awful, but I just made bad choices for my eye makeup. Either it wasn't matching my lips and cheeks wardrobe (nope, Nars Etrusque isn't a cool gold after all, so Deep Throat isn't the blush that goes best with it) or picking eyehsadows that weren't really flattering me (Mac Vex + Mac Smoke & Diamonds in the Winter = corpse look).

Oh well, I guess I'll find my mojo back in the week-end when I have more time and natural light.

In the meantime, since I have nothing more interesting to show or tell you about, I just wanted to remind you that there are still a few items available on my blog sale. Some are high end, some are drugstore and they're all in very good condition.

Hope you're all well and staying warm!


  1. It's getting super cold here too. I can totally relate.

  2. The light problem is a real big one !


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