December 23, 2010

Review: Oskia Get Up And Glow

Ladies, if any of you finds it half as hard as I do to wake up early in the morning, you will understand why I felt attracted to a product called "Get Up & Glow". Because really, I wish I could get up and glow and be out of the door, this all in five minutes. So I bought it from Zuneta as a Christmas present to myself (because it's pricy) and am now going to review it for you.

What this is:
A serum that doubles as an illuminator and can be used on its own instead of moisturizer, or on top of makeup as a higlighter.
The packaging is a very pretty transparent bottle that comes with a pump.

As described by the brand:

Get Up & Glow is deliciously lightweight revitalizing and energising serum that increases cell respiration and ATP energy. It is also enriched with clinically-proven youth-boosting nutrients and polypeptides. OSKIA’s unique dual approach actively brightens and firms, evens skin tone, smoothes the appearance of fine lines, protects against everyday environmental, seasonal and lifestyle damage, while also providing essential cell nutrients to help improve cell health long term. This refreshing serum leaves skin looking revitalized, healthier and smoother with a youthful, radiant glow.

Product claims:
  • Illuminates and brightens the skin through improved cell respiration.
  • Helps increase the skin's own energy bank (ATP) to energise and help improve cell efficiency.
  • Provides nutrients to help rebuild cell health for long term improved skin health and function.
  • Lifts and plumps up fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Leaves skin feeling soothed and smooth.
  • Protects skin DNA and against free radicals.
  • Water-based

Active ingredients:

Enriched with not 1 but 12 beauty-boosting actives including:
  • Riboxil™, known as The Beauty Sugar, energizes, revitalizes and brightens by boosting oxygen intake to recharge cell energy ATP to benefit all cell processes. Reduces wrinkle area by 30.1%.
  • Natural light reflecting pigments add lustre to tired skin.
  • Galactoarabinan, a vegetable alternative to collagen, reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
  • MPC Milk Peptides™ immediately lift, firm and tone the skin leaving a natural sheen and radiance by increasing the thickness of the epidermis, stimulating collagen synthesis by 40%, increasing cell-to-cell communication, boosting key elements of the Dermo-Epidermal junction making nutrients more available to the skin, increasing Hyaluronic Acid production by 1900% and reduces wrinkle depth by 35%.
  • Soothing Butterbur reduces redness and irritation.
  • OSKIA’s MSM complex aids collagen production and keeps skin strong, supple and porous.
  • Phyto Cell Tec Mallus™ (Swiss Apple Stem Cell culture) help renew and prolong the life of healthy skin cells, protect DNA, reduces wrinkles and fine line depth by 15% (after 4 weeks) and stimulate cell proliferation by 80%.
  • O3 Stressed Yeast Lysate™, a live yeast cell derivative,  increases cell respiration to promote wound healing and strongly protects fragile cellular DNA, RNA and skin lipids after sun exposure.
  • Our elite grade Hyaluronic acid and biosaccharides provide long lasting hydration, plump up the skin, stimulate the production of Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), making skin appear plumper and smoother.
  • Prebiotic Oligosaccharide protects and stimulates the skin’s defense barrier by preventing colonization by harmful flora.
  • Powerful antioxidant Inula Viscosa, Vitamin E and prebiotics protect against free radicals, harmful bacteria and UV damage.

My thoughts on the product.
First thing I noticed about this product is that it spreads extremely well on the skin, so one little pump is more than enough to do your whole face and neck. 
The consistency doesn't feel oily at all, but it definitely feels like a serum and I don't find it extremely moisturizing. I would say that in Summer it would be great used on its own but in Winter or if your skin is on the dryer side, you'll need to use a moisturizer on top. (My Becca hydrating primer works well on top of this).
The product is infused with little particles that do reflect the light once they're applied on the skin. I'm not talking glitter, obviously, but it's like a fine shimmer that shows through the serum and gives you a nice subtle glow. I really mean subtle, to the point that, if you put moisturizer or foundation on top, I find this practically disappears. Bummer, because you lose the "glow" part of the "get up and glow" concept. 
But I need to say that the product has other benefits, and that spending that kind of money for an illuminator would be too much in my opinion, so let's focus on these other features.

About the active ingredients:
As you read, Oskia claims this serum is infused with tons of natural and efficient ingredients.
I did ask for my friend Jessica Allison's opinion, because as a skincare nerd (and professional makeupartist) who used to work for Lauder among others, she's always well informed over the novelties and well documented on ingredients and scientific research on their actual action.
What Jess told me is that the fact that hyaluronic acid is very high in the ingredient list indicates there's a high concentration of it in the product, and this is good because we love hyaluronic acid for its anti-aging action. She also said that the glycerin, also in high concentration, is a good thing.
The Yeast extract are also used in the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum that I love so much, so that's good as well, and that the MSM is said to contain sulfur, which has clarifying properties.

On a negative note, Jess pointed that there's benzyl alcohol in the formula, which can be drying, but personally I haven't had any problem.

So I would say this product is packed with a lot of good ingredients and that I think it makes a good daytime version of my Advanced Night Repair, also with a texture more suitable under makeup.

The "negative" point.
Oskia (London) position themselves as a high-end brand with scientific background and innovative ingredients coming from nature, as such, they place the price tag quite high. 
At £ 64,50 ( € 76, USD 99) this is an expensive serum, less so than the Estee Lauder one though. But it's definitely a nice treat.

Will I repurchase?
I don't know just yet. So far I know it gives me a nice glow and doesn't irritate my skin or break me out. I like the product a lot but I think I will be able to judge only when I have used this for several months, also in more normal weather conditions, and if I do notice the benefits for my skin I'll gladly keep on using it.
Right now, unfortunately, I still need to put more stuff on my face in the morning before I leave the house.


  1. Nice review, un a different note benzyl alcohol is not a drying alcohol. Because it is a non volatile alcohol sort of mid way between a volatile alcohol like ethyl alcohol and a creamy alcohol like cetaryl alcohol. HTH

  2. Hello MH!
    Do you still use Get up & Glow? Would you repurchase?
    I am asking because, sometimes, I find that we can be very excited for actually getting our hands on a product, finally, that we focus on the positive aspects of it :) Later on we tend to be more objective testers and judges.
    I am flirting with this product but I'm not quite sure yet and I haven't found many real people reviews about it, apart from yours :)


    1. Hi Marina! Well actually, a few months after I wrote this review, I broke my bottle and I was so sad that I paid the price again and got another one :) I have almost used it up, I don't use it much anymore these days but it's more because a/my skin has changed a little bit (I had issues these past months) and b/ I always want to try new things LOL. But I still like it and for anyone who wants to use a serum in the morning, this one would be in my recommendations for sure!

    2. Thanks so much for getting back to me, and so promptly as well :)
      I think I will give it a go, probably for the autumn months, when the extreme heat in Greece will have subsided a bit and we'll get our lovely breezes back. I am very intrigued for some reason, although it's a product clearly overpriced, especially after I watched the featuring video on Zuneta.

      Have a lovely rest of the Sunday!


    3. Ha, it's hard to tell what's overpriced or not, but yes, it's expensive. However Estee Lauder serums are equally expensive, and I think a good serum can be an investment, especially as the bottle lasts for months. And this one has a great ingredient list!


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