December 18, 2010

Special Christmas gifts.

I've seen a lot of blog posts suggesting Christmas presents these past weeks. While I do appreciate those bloggers put time and effort in it, and it's a lovely thought from them, I'm not really going to jump in the bandwagon this time.

I don't like to receive beauty gifts (excepted from a few beauty addict girlfriends who really know what I like and what I don't have already or would be happy to have back-ups for) because most of the time they're useless for me since I already have so much. Perfumes, I'm so picky with them, I am yet to receive one that I like and haven't chosen myself. I know, I know... I'm hard to please, beauty wise.
The result of this is, I hardly ever give beauty gifts and when I do, it's after careful research to make sure I score. I never ever approach something as personal as fragrances. So I don't feel qualified at all to make recommendations for you guys :)

But there are a few suggestions that I would like to share.

If you're ordering gifts from Illamasqua, please consider spending an extra 2£ for a SOPHIE wrist band to support the Sophie Lancaster foundation. They're nice stocking fillers that will help a good cause and that you can even put in envelopes with your gift cards.

If you are looking to get beauty products to offer, consider an auction on the Beauty Bloggers for Charity website. About 40 famous beauty bloggers have donated products that you can buy in the form of an auction Auctions end on Monday, you still have time to bid this week-end. All the money made will go to Doctors Without Borders.

And finally, if you do get beauty gifts that you know you won't use, consider putting them in a shoebox for Give and Makeup. This initiative gathers essential products (toiletries, baby product and beauty products in general) for women who left their partner and left their life and belongings behind to escape from violence and abuse. Some people will find it sounds shallow but if you had to leave your home for ever, I'm pretty sure you'd quickly need shampoo and shower gel, and that a bit of makeup could be useful if you need to find a job to support yourself. Give and Makeup is a UK based initiative that works with Refuge,  but if you're outside of the UK there are probably local associations who do the same job and would find these products useful too.

So that's for my suggestions. The gifts don't need to be big, it's the intention that counts, and I believe Christmas is also about giving to people we don't know if we can help them out.
Merry Christmas, my beauties!


  1. Give and Makeup sounds like a wonderful charity. I don't think it seems shallow at all - I read an article in some magazine the other day about how professional MUAs are donating their time at womens refuges and making people feel a little better about themselves.

  2. Wow, those sound like great giving sites! It's nice to see stuff like this :] Thanks for sharing, and Happy Holidays!

  3. Thanks very mich for this article and ideas.


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