December 3, 2010

Wintery FOTD: layers!

You've read my complains about Winter weather for quite a while but now we can safely assume that this is really it: yesterday we had -8°C/17°F in the middle of the day, with some wind and a real feel of -19°C/-2°F. I think we'll all agree that this is really cold. Oh, and it snowed all day, too.

Now, what makeup to do when you need to go out in this weather and be presentable for mundane activites (work, for example)?

I think the key is to make the skin luminous. Cold weather can be really harsh on your skin, which can quickly look dry if not dehydrated, with redness, flakyness etc... Going for a matte look is, in my opinion, the last thing to do to look good under these conditions.
Also, in order to protect your skin and not make its condition worse that in might already been, you will need to use products to moisturize and keep the moisture in, so that might require some adjustments in your routine.

My motto for these days: powder is my ennemy, cream all the way. And here's the result:

Like I did with my clothes, I layered quite a few things on my skin, especially as my cheeks were really dehydrated and chapped. I used:

  • Vichy Aqualia Thermal serum (review on that coming)
  • La Roche Posay Cicaplast on the cheeks
  • Estee Lauder DayWear cream for normal/combo skin on the rest of the face (where there was no real dehydration issue)
  • Illamasqua cream foundation in 125
  • Bobby Brown concealer kit in Ivory
  • Illamasqua cream blush in Rude
  • A bit of Mac Strobe Cream dabbed on the cheeks and brow bone
The only place I powdered was my undereye area to set the concealer. For the rest of the face, I sported a nice glow.
Onto the eyes now: with the wind and cold, your eyes are likely to water, so I kept things simple.
  • Mac Fast Response eye cream
  • UDPP (primer is a must with this weather)
  • Shiseido hydropowder in h9 ( shimery champagne)
  • a bit of Mac Mistery in the crease to give depth
  • Mac Blooz khol on the waterline
  • Mac Contrast under the lower lashline (on top of some UDPP)
  • YSL Faux-Cils
  • Illamasqua brow powder in Thunder, sealed with Essence brow gel
If, unlike me, you're spending more than 5 min outside, you might want to chose a waterproof mascara and use a gel liner on the waterline to make things more long lasting.
On the lips, use some intensive lipbalm under your lipstick (here: Mac Blankety)

It looks like a lot of product but it's actually one that's very easy and quick to put on, and I believe it really gives a nice youthful, 'back from the cold' effect that is really pretty. Plus, it kept my skin comfortable and well protected all day.
Now, just grab your hat and gloves and get ready to go out :)

What's your favorite Winter makeup for extremely cold days?


  1. I totally agree with you on "powder is your ennemy".
    Abd the photo isreally pretty !

  2. You look gorgeous and so glowy and healthy! x

  3. My favourite winter makeup is - stay indoors and not wear any, ha ha! Your skin looks amazing though, I''m very jealous!

  4. Love the look and the idea of layers. I have been thinking I need to work with more creams lately too, since it is so friggin' cold and my skin is dry as bone. Gorgeous! :)

  5. Well I did the same yesterday, it was beautiful AND comfy ! Thanks !

  6. your skin looks gorgeous here :)
    great post!! x

  7. Love how your skin looks here. I wear NARS Sheer Glow as well and I also love the finish.


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