January 3, 2011

Book Review: Makeup, The Ultimate Guide, by Rae Morris

In case you wouldn't know, Rae Morris is a worldwide known Australian makeup artist. She has worked with a lot of famous photographers, has done covers for all the beauty and fashion magazines you could name and since 2003, has been working as a Makeup Director for L'Oreal Paris. In short: someone who knows the job.

Now my opinion on this book could be summarized easily: if you are into makeup and can only get one book, then this is the one you must have.
This book is extremely didactical and well structured, no wonder it's used in makeup schools. 
Rae Morris does cover absolutely everything, including subjects that aren't always touched in most makeup books like prepping the skin, shaping the brows or picking the right eyeshadow color for your eye color (that part is really in-depth and very interesting). All explanations are very clear, the steps are well detailed, and Rae really takes your hand to show you the way she works.
Of course it may be a bit doctrinal, as Rae Morris explains things the way she does them and you might have different techniques but well, you can take what you like and leave the rest.

The pictures in this book are absolutely beautiful, and you can't tell Photoshop hasn't been used much if at all: you can still see the skin texture, the little "imperfections" like fine line, and you see how stunning Rae's work is. I love going through this book because everything is inspiring, I'm constantly like "Oh I need to try this look" then turn the page and want to try the next one as well!

I wouldn't say this is for you if you just want to learn how to do a quick or professional makeup on an everyday basis (I'd recommend the Bobbi Brown manual more in that case), but if you're even remotely interested in the beauty world, you're going to love this book.


  1. I agree!! i love her book and i bought her new on on express makeup. I love how in depth she goes into soem of the topics.

  2. I've been thinking about getting this. I like the Bobby Brown book and think its good for anyone but it's not the most exciting. (Makeup Is Art which I got recently is though! I also like the NARS book)

  3. @Mandy: I'm definitely planning on getting more books from her!

    @Robyn: the Nars one is excellent, too - Bobbi Brown is very nice for basics and every day stuff in my opinion but there's definitely room for more creativity!

  4. I really want this book now. I have a couple by Bobbi Brown but can never have too many books, right? :)


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