January 31, 2011

Chanel Joue Contraste Espiègle: review, swatches and comparisons.

One of the products I was really looking forward to get this Spring is the Chanel Joue Contraste blush in Espiègle.
Espiègle is a lovely light peach: no pink, no orange, just peach.
I was afraid it would look too similar to Nars Sex Appeal, which is a very light and subtle color. But Espiègle is actually more pigmented and more peachy.

This, in fact, does show in the pan already, and even more so on swatches: those 2 are quite different. However, I found 2 dupe candidates in my collection (so much for being obsessed by peach blushes): Mac Nuance and Illamasqua Lover.

Swatches on bare skin, natural light - NC15

See? Espiègle is definitely more pigmented than Sex Appeal, and definitely more peach too. 
Illamasqua Lover does appear more orange in comparison although I've always thought about is as a true peach. It actually looks like Mac Nuance is the closest dupe.

Since my Chanel came from the US, it's not baked like the JC we have in Europe. Mac Nuance, on the other hand, is a mineralize blush which means it is baked. I'm wondering if that makes a difference because the light gold particles in Nuance show up more than the ones in Espiègle.

In conclusion, if you love peach blush, Espiègle is definitely something to look into. However it's an expensive treat at $43 and Mac Nuance can still be found  in some Mac stands/stores for half this price, so that might be something to look into.


  1. Thx for the comparison! Mac Nuance does look very similar to Espiegle!

  2. I am buying Espiegle tomorrow. Looking forward to adding this to my collection. I love peach blushes.

  3. My goodness! Thank you for this post and comparison swatches. I feel the absolute NEED to have this blush now, it looks divine.

  4. oh thank u thank u thaaank u for this post.. Great comparisons.. Espiegle looks sooo lovely.. and i was hesitant about getting it coz I've got too many peach blushes..

    Could you show us a FOTD with this blush?

  5. I already have Espiegle (USA version), but now I think I have to try to the European one too and definitely the Illamasqua one!

  6. @ Delyteful Speaks: will try and do!

    @Anon: I need to check the EU one to see how different they really are

    Thank you ladies :)


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