January 30, 2011

I love liner

Browsing through the inspiration pictures I store on my Tumblr, I realized at least half of them were showing winged eyeliner, often with a bright lip.

Two years ago I was still unable to apply liner properly, and I still do struggle sometimes, but I'm glad I didn't give up and kept practicing because the winged liner look is something I never stay away from for very long.

I think that it makes a face look polished, and paired with a bright lip it can look more formal or dressed-up without much effort. It's a classic look so it's never inappropriate and I do wear this for work as well as for evenings out or week-end shopping.

I guess you could call this my go-to look. I really heart liner.

Eyeliner reviews will be posted in the coming weeks, since I do own quite a lot of them obviously, so I can compare them for you.


  1. I am terrible at winged liner=( Tutorial please! Looking forward to the liner reviews
    x emmabovary

  2. @emmabovary: I'll try to compile a post with tips and tricks and possibly a pic tutorial.

  3. I love eyeliner too and I agree with you. It's a very classic look. Looking forward to your eyeliner review.

  4. Love that photo of you in the middle! x

  5. I totaly agree with you. A was singing on stage this week-end. I wore black eyeliner and MAC "lady danger" lipstick and it works soooo well!

  6. I'm with you on your love for liner. The only time I do run out of the house liner-free are the weekends when I'm running to the playground with my daughter. Otherwise, I wear it pretty much the entire work week - even if it's just the bottom lashline smudged.

  7. @Rocaille thanks, I like that one too :)

    @Milie: I'm sure you looked gorgeous! And Lady Danger has really become your signature lipstick :)

  8. I love eye liner, too!!!! :) It totally transforms the eye! :) I'm so looking forward to your reviews! ^_^


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