January 8, 2011

Looking forward to Spring - collections, that is.

I haven't told you about it yet, but one of my resolutions for 2011 is to buy less makeup and use what I have. I have realized in the past weeks that I haven't used some of my products in ages even though I used to really really love them, just because I got something new, then another thing, then something else again and I keep on moving forward and forgetting about what I have. 
More on what I have re-discovered later but for now, I have decided that I needed to:
1/ clean up my collection and get rid of everything I don't truly love (blog sales coming, I'm telling you) and 
2/ limit my monthly makeup spendings to a dedicated allowance instead of spending all of my "fun" money on makeup. 
That will allow me to save and start some other, more expensive, addictions like designer bags.

So while my fellow US beauty addict are spending the giftcards they got for Christmas in Spring makeup products, I'm doing intensive research on the new collections in order to decide what I'll get when they finally land here (mid-February, probably) - without exceeding my dedicated budget. I can tell you already that January is being a no-buy month so I can afford more in February :)

There are quite a few collections that caught my interest, but in each of them I only want a few products and think the rest is either not for me or dupable with what I have.

The first one is Givenchy.

From their Naïvement Couture collection, the one product I want is the stunning Candide Tangerine lipgloss. I've been loving orange lip products ever since I got Mac Morange last year, and I think I'd rock this one too.
They aren't coming with a special limited edition Prisme Visage powder this time, like they did twice last year, so that saves me some temptation.

Then there's Chanel.

The Spring collection, called Les Perles, is absolutely huge, with a new quad and a limited edition eyeshadow palette, but I have decided once and for all that I don't like Chanel eyeshadows enough to justify the price. I don't find they're particularly long lasting, even on top of an eyeshadow base, so I won't purchasing any more of them.
What I do enjoy from them are the Joue Contraste blushes and the lipstick (minus the smell that I hate but  the product itself works fantastic). So from this collection I'll be getting Espiegle Joue Contraste (I've been re-assured it's different enough from Nars Sex Appeal to justify having both) and the 2 new Rouge Allure lipsticks called Coquette and Flamboyante.
You can see all three products in action on Cafe Makeup.

Finally there's Guerlain.

Ah, Guerlain, I do have a love-hate relationship with you! Everything looks gorgeous, the packaging is stunning but I often end up being disappointed by the pigmentation and since the price tag is really high, I stay away from all their powder products. 
I do enjoy the Guerlain lipsticks, though, they even have HG status for me. So how could I resist a collection called Sur mes Lèvres (On my Lips).
So I'll be getting the Fushia Delice and Orange Euphorique lipsticks in their LE black packaging. What can I say, I'm a sucker for these two lip colors.
I'll be making an attempt to branch out with the Blush G Serie Noire this one time, because the one you see on the picture looks really stunning and online swatches did show some color. Since I'm very fair I don't need this to be extremely pigmented to show up on me, even though I prefer more pigment than not enough, but well, I think I'll be able to make this work and the colors were too pretty to pass on.

So that's what I plan to get this Spring. That means no Mac, obviously - no Peacocky (nope, not even the new Metal shadows, I have more eyeshadows than I'll ever use) only a khol pencil from ChamPale... I had to prioritize and so I did!

What are you ladies getting from the Spring collections?


  1. I'm trying to do the same exact thing. I have so many things I impulse buy..but then when a collection comes out I'm afraid i'll miss out on something really neat and regret it, so I buy it just in case. I swear sometimes beauty products are addictive!

  2. I can so relate with you on the goal of buying less/using more. I cant really commint to a project 10 pan type but i think i'm going to limit the amount of lip stuff I buy. :)

  3. The Chanel collection looks lovely, but I got too many summery products last year and I'll have to use these first! x

  4. @ Katie: they totally are!
    @ Ansa: I can't commit to a no-buy either, the minute it starts I find myself wanting tons of stuff just because I can't buy it, and it often ends up in a disastrous shopping spree!
    @ Rocaille: let's support each other in this project :)

  5. I love that Givenchy ad! So gorgeous! I hate to admit I'm not a huge makeup person on a makeup blog, but it's true. The good news? The past few years I'm starting to get more into it. I can totally understand why people get so into buying makeup, though. It's like buying the tools to completely alter your look. Good luck with your goal this year! Keep coming back to the blog, too! I loved your comment...perhaps because you were the only person who responded and knew what GTD was! : O )

  6. @ Marty: nice to see you here! Your blog isn't typical of what I read but I love it, glad you came and stopped by. And yay for GTD :)

  7. Ooo i didnt see that Guerlain promo image before (thank God or i would have bought all the lipsticks!) Im still having mixed feelings over the Chanel spring collection. I feel like every time I buy a blush from them it streaks on me.. and normally the blush is the one thing i want!!


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