January 20, 2011

Perfume review: Dior Hypnotic Poison eau de toilette

Hell must have frozen: it looks like I am liking a Dior perfume. I never like popular mainstream perfumes. And I never thought I'd like this one, based on the impression I get from the top notes. 

Spraying on Hypnotic Poison, feels like entering a thick cloud of girliness: it's sugary and mellow like cotton candy, it's powdery like icing sugar, it's an explosion of pink candy (I was almost surprised the bottle wasn't pink as well!). And so, I immediately feared it would be too much. Coconut, plum, apricot and almond - how could I survive all that sugar?

But Hypnotic Poison isn't in fact a gourmand fragrance, it's an oriental. That means it has some notes that  will tone down this overdose of sweets: the heart notes are Sambac Jasmine mixed with Rose and Lily of the Valley. I must say that I hardly noticed those heart notes on my skin, but I don't really mind since I'm not that much into florals. I was rather nicely surprised to discover the spicy and woodsy base notes: sandalwood, Jacaranda wood and Vanilla.

Ah, Vanilla, how I love thee... Yes people, against all odds, this sugary perfume works for me because it contains all the ingredients that I usually love in fragrances: almond, vanilla and some kind of wood. So in the end, I do enjoy it. What's very nice is that on me, even though the top notes disappear very quickly, they kind of come back in a rounder way after a while, when the vanilla appears. So it's still sweet, but not overly.

Now even though this clearly evokes a giant pink marshmallow in my mind, I definitely think it is a a grown-up perfume. This would really be too much, too complex on a young girl. 
There's some kind of "eat me" vibe to all that sugar, don't forget that when you're wearing it, ladies.


  1. This is my all time favourite perfume - glad you're another believer too! What a fabulous description of it too :)

  2. @ Kat: I just hope I don't end up migraine-y and hating it, like it happens often for me with a lot of perfumes, unfortunately :-s

  3. Oh my god, I didn't know you liked this kind of perfumes !
    This is so much not my style ;- )

  4. LOL I don't like perfumes (they make me sneeze non stop) but this has a good name xD


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