January 24, 2011

Review: Guerlain Serie Noire Blush G

I told you a couple of weeks ago which products I wanted from the new Spring collections coming out, well good news, Guerlain and Chanel have launched already, and I got some of the goodies I wanted! 

So this is the Guerlain Serie Noire Blush G, one of the items I was really excited about!
Packaging wise, this is a shiny black plastic compact. I must admit I was hoping for something more luxurious, like for their metal eyeshadow palettes, there's nothing wrong with this compact, but well, it's plastic. However there is a real mirror inside, and the blush part can be lifted to open a little case where you will find a brush. I never use the brush that comes with product but for blushes and powder, I admit it can be useful for touch ups outside of the house. The compact is protected by a little black velvety pouch.

The colors are very pretty on their own but I find the mix even prettier. Since I suck at taking swatch pictures, I'm borrowing these from Temptalia and encourage you to check out her website for more.

Guerlain Serie Noire Blush G stripes swatched

I think the bright orangey color is what attracted me immediately in this blush. And since it's the larger stripe in the compact, it will be easy to use it on its own (tan mandatory, though). Although it doesn't really show in the pictures, it's infused with gold - that shows better when you swirl your brush across the colors to mix mix them.

Guerlain Serie Noire Blush G - mixed

The pigmentation is really nice, it's not overly pigmented to the point you'd absolutely need a dual fiber brush to apply on a light skintone but it easily shows up on the skin. The slight shimmer makes your skin look really luminous. This is how it looks on me, applied with a light hand (sorry I don't have better pics, my camera battery was dead so I had to use my webcam).

I am pretty sure this is the most unique blush that will be coming out this Spring/Summer, and if you are a blush addict and can get only one item, I do think this is a very good choice.
At 55€/69$, this is a very pricy item, though, and I am not sure yet that a dupe can't be found for cheaper - although if you consider wearing the colors separately, the price makes more sense.

What do you guys think of this blush? Yay or nay?


  1. It was on my wishlist too, on the way to me now! I also loved the top stripe because I'm obsessed with orange blush, so can't wait to try it out!

  2. It's perfect! Have you checked Clarins Neo Pastels blushes, perhaps?

  3. @ anon: no, they haven't been released here yet

  4. It looks gorgeous! Cant wait till its out!

  5. I'll have to get my hands on this. I love anything coral/orange. I love your hair on this picture by the way. Are you letting it grow out?

  6. @ Ansa: thank you, yes, been growing it out for the past 2 years from a very short style.

  7. Just looking at it online makes me want to put more of it on my face lol!!

  8. What a pretty blush! I love the bright orange and pink shades! Do you find you wear this one a lot - like, could it be used every day?


    -Candice :)

  9. @ Candice: definitely, it's a very pretty color and if you swirl your brush through all the stripes it's a very wearable one. A bit shimmery though but that doesn't bother me at all.


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