January 14, 2011

Share the love: beauty and stylish bloggers award.


The lovely Jen W from My Funny Valentine awarded me the Beautiful and Stylish Blogger award - thanks a lot Jen!! Since I haven't done a "share the love" post in a while, this is a perfect occasion to tell you about 10 great bloggers I follow!
Some of them aren't exactly makeup related and some are written in foreign languages but there's always Google Translate to help you with that!

  1. Glossy's Wardrobe is the new fashion and style blog from Tali aka The Gloss Goss. The perfect place for handbags, accessories and shoe lovers!
  2. Not the marrying kind was originally a wedding planning blog but turned into describing a married's girl  life. I enjoy the wedding photoshoots she posts there and I read her insights on marriage with a lot of curiosity (in the hope it will make me smarter in case marriage ever happens to me).
  3. My friend Chloe, talented hair stylist (and my personal hair coach) just started her own blog about hair and there's a lot to be said! She tells it all at The Green Fringe.
  4. Back to beauty now: somewhere in South America, my friend Cé blogs about her favorite makeup products at Caprichos Esenciales. This is in Spanish only.
  5. Also in Spanish, the lovely Catanya blogs over at Catanya's Things, but most of her posts are also translated to English. She has great taste in makeup and books!
  6. The beautiful Jennie at Sailboat takes fantastic pictures, always wears beautiful makeup and has a thing for pretty dresses.
  7. My friend Saila aka the Adventurous Purple Koala knows a lot about indie companies and mineral makeup, and she's as pretty as lovely.
  8. Ashley from HollywoodNoirMakeup is a very talented makeup artist from Canada and I love her particular style. Fantastic pictures of her creations are to be found on her blog.
  9. Café Bellini is the place for all pretty things, not only beauty related but also stylish things and designer bags.
  10. Last but not least, E and M at Face Goop have crazy funny conversations on all things beauty and well, laugh is a beauty product as well.
 Hopefully you'll have fun discovering these blogs that I love!


  1. Wow Thanks so much, sweetheart, for this lovely mention! I feel honoured!!
    Have a wonderful weekend, my dear!!

  2. Congrats on the award. I must check some of these blogs out you listed. :)

  3. Thanks for great tips to new blogs to keep an eye on. Always love your suggestions :)


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