January 27, 2011

Vichy Aqualia Antiox: the 3 weeks are over.

Yes ladies, it's been 3 weeks already, so now is the time for the global review on the Antiox serum and moisturizer. Products description and first impressions can still be found in my previous posts.

First of all, the detailed routine I have followed for the past 3 weeks:
- evening: Antiox serum topped with Louis Widmer Emulsion Hydro-Active (which is a basic moisturizer with no particular ingredients or properties)
- morning: Antiox moisturizer under my makeup. However, I stopped using this one mid-course, I'll explain why in details below.

I have not been using any other serum or treatment during the 3 weeks, have just exfoliated twice and have used Avene Diacneal on a couple of zits during the last few days.

1. The Serum
  • did improve skin texture and made it smoother
  • did improve skin evenness and helped a bit reducing some small scars
  • overall, made my skin look glowy and radiant
  • the smell: I can't think of any better description than "rotten oranges", definitely not very sexy even if I can understand where that comes from
  • it looks weird, kind of milky and a bit sticky, and it tends to make the neck of the bottle gooey. You also need to shake very well because the Vit C tends to form a deposit on the bottom of the bottle.
  • has to be kept in the fridge: when some of us hardly have the courage to remove their makeup at night, going to the kitchen to grab this stuff can seem too much of a burden on some nights
  • it can only be kept for 21 days, because it has no preservatives and Vit C isn't really stable - that's the downside of the product's efficiency I guess but you are going to throw away some part of the bottle. On the other hand that should motivate you to go grab the stuff in your fridge every day (see previous point) since time is counted
  • it's expensive
Despite the con's, this product keeps its promise (a new skin in 21 days), which makes it worth the splurge.
What it doesn't do, though is help with pores and blackheads, so don't expect it to help with those issues.

2. The Moisturizer

  • contains Vit C and E, which is a nice complement for the serum
  • does contain SPF and will protect your skin from sun damage (at least in Winter, not under extreme weather circumstances)
  • makes a good base for makeup
  • contains brightening ingredients that will give more glow to the face and slightly erases pores, however this instant effect is a visual illusion and not a permanent result
  • is slightly tinted to even out skintone (if you don't have anything major to cover, at least)
  • it smells good and looks like strawberry yoghurt
  • price is average for a moisturizer
  • this is meant to be used for daytime but for me it was a too rich formulation and it made my forehead oily (I'm normal/combination skin for the record), which is why I stopped using it after 10 days
  • the formulation is not really ideal to be used at night instead of day
  • if you wear this on its own you will need to carefully remove it by cleansing your face and you will notice traces of pigments being removed
A great product if you do use a moisturizer for daytime and are looking for something that gives an instant radiance boost. If you're oily, I'd say skip it and go for the serum.

My conclusion...
I'm sold to Vitamin C and will now be using another serum on a daily basis (review coming in a few weeks). I definitely recommend this range to anyone feeling their skin needs some boost and glow, especially post-Winter.


  1. This sound right up my alley. I need to give Vichy a try.

  2. Yay !! I want it !!


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