January 12, 2011

A week into using Vichy Aqualia Antiox

I know I said I'd report back after my 21 days cure would be finished but I am actually to excited to wait that long to share some feed-back.
My current routine for the past week, outside of cleansing, consists in using the Vichy Aqualia Antiox moisturizer in the morning, under my makeup (no other skincare product involved) and using the Vitamin C serum at night with a neutral lightweight moisturizer (Louis Widmer Switzerland Emulsion Hydro Active). This way I can check how my skin reacts to the Vichy products alone.

First of all, even though the serum is highly concentrated, I didn't experience any skin reaction: no break out, no redness or irritation, no stinging feeling. That's what I feared the most so I'm happy I've had no problem.

Secondly: wow. Wow!! Maybe it's a coincidence and my skin is currently in a state of grace - and if that's the case that won't last 3 weeks, that never lasted 3 weeks inmy life, so we will know - but I'm amazed by the results.

My skin feels really smooth and the tiny bumps on my cheeks that I had been trying to get rid of for months with AHA have disappeared. So I can definitely say that the texture of my skin surface has already improved.
I have a few little scars, memories from cystic zits, and they're currently disappearing so I don't really need to conceal them anymore.
The visible pores on my cheeks are less visible - they are small though, I can't say the same for the bigger ones around my nose that still show, but it is an improvement. I also find my cheeks are less red and irritated than they were in the past weeks (that might be because the weather is less cold as well but still, I find the difference amazing)
The moisturizer I use in the morning does brighten the skin and doesn't make it greasy, plus it has SPF in it and I find it's a good makeup base that doesn't really affect how my makeup wears, so that's nice.

In conclusion: after 6 days of using these products, I started going to work with Mac Face&Body as my only base, and just a bit of concealer under my eyes, and that's it. My normal routine would involve using a medium coverage foundation and layering it on the cheeks for more coverage, plus using full cover concealer here and there so this is definitely an improvement. If it weren't for some discoloration and the pores on my nose, I could go out with no foundation on.

Definitely impressed, and looking forward to seeing the results after 3 weeks and posting some pics!


  1. Sounds amazing, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you! x

  2. That sounds like an amazing result! If I had the $$ I would go out and buy it right now.. looks like I'll be tightening the belt this week.

    BTW I awarded you a Beautiful and Stylish blogger award!

  3. Wow that sounds awesome, must put vitamin c serum on my shopping list! :)

  4. this is so exciting!! I'm going to have to look around for these once I'm done some of my products!

  5. Impressive! Can't wait to hear the extended results :)

  6. Wow, it sounds like a miracle worker!
    As far as I'm aware of, the Body Shop also makes a tiny vial of pure Vit.C powder that you combine with a serum. Do you happen to know any other brands that make a product similar to this?



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