February 15, 2011

Currently Loving

No this isn't an In&Out post because I just want to think about In's right now.

Cyanistes caeruleus. I'm currently seeing several of these little guys in my garden and that makes me really happy. Means Spring is coming, and I love hearing them sing in the morning.

Messy side buns. Messy hair styles, really - after a couple of years of patience I finally have hair long enough to do that kind of thing. (This isn't a picture of me, by the way, I haven't become blonde overnight.)

Adele's new album. A true jewel. And I love this video, she's just stunningly beautiful.

Oskia Get Up & Glow serum. Love love love the looks it gives to my skin.

Playing with Instagram on my iPhone.

What are your current In's? (Or Out's, if that's what you're feeling)


  1. I thought the blue tit was Parus Caeruleus. Most tits (maybe all) are Paridae.

    The Oskia looks lovely.

  2. @ jaljen I'm no specialist so you're probably right :)

  3. I love Adele! Her voice is so strong and rich, a real delight to listen to.


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