February 3, 2011

Guerlain Serie Noire Blush G: comparison pictures

It looks like the Serie Noire Blush G is already sold out in a lot of US locations, which is, I think, unusual for this kind of brand and product. So even though I already reviewed this blush here, but I thought it would be worth doing a comparison with other blushes I own.

The top part, which looks like a bright shimmery orange in the pan, doesn't really find a cousin in my collection but you need to keep in mind that this isn't how this blush looks like when you mix all the colors, and the mix is easier to dupe than I thought.

swatches on bare skin, natural light - NC15
Illamasqua Promise, which is a cream formulation, does look similar to the second stripe from top, the bright pink one; that's why I included it in the lot. However, when swatched, it's much bluer and cooler than all the other colors and I don't think it will make a good dupe.

Nars Orgasm looks a bit more peach than Blush G and I think that Nars Deep Throat actually looks closer in terms of hue, although not completely identical.

What I found is that if you layer a tiny bit of Nars Orgasm on top of Nars Deep Throat, this will deliver a  result that is pretty similar to the Blush G. See for yourself:

swatches on bare skin, natural light - NC15
There's a tad bit more peach on the Blush G but I bet using more Orgasm and less Deep Throat (I used equal amount of each) could lead to a similar result.

My conclusion: yes, Blush G is pretty and quite unique in its stripe form, but if you can't find it or don't want to afford it, there is a way to dupe it.


  1. Great post.. i think many people will already own those nars colors!!

  2. Great comparison! I don't own any of these blushers, but I'm sure it'll save others some money :)


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