February 25, 2011

I joined the Beauty Blog Link Love network

Beauty Blog Link Love is a non-commercial network of independent beauty bloggers who blog for fun because they love beauty products.
I am absolutely thrilled I could join them because it's through them that I have discovered a lot of my favorite beauty blogs, and this allows me to share them with you.

What does it change for my blog? Nothing - I'm still independent and 100% in control of what I try, write about etc... There's no money or advertising involved.

The one new thing that you will notice is that I'll post a message every week-end with the interesting links of the week that other bloggers in the network want to share. You read it if you want, and hopefully you'll find interesting topics and/or will discover new blogs you like. That's it.

See you this week-end with the first link post!


  1. Very cool, I think it's a great way to hear about other beauty bloggers. I cannot wait til I can join, few more months ^_^

  2. It is great! I am glad you are part of it now.


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