February 8, 2011

Review: Becca Eye Tint - Pewter

This is the next product I got with my Becca Smokey Eyes set. I had never tried the Eye Tints before so I was really curious about these. I was thinking that if they were as nice as the Beach Tints, I'd like them a lot.

Well, I haven't been disappointed!
The color I got is Pewter, which is described as a rich charcoal black. You can see swatches on the Cosmetic-Candy blog, and since there's no chance I take pics half that good, I'll let you check thos ones.
However, on me, I find that if I apply a thin layer, it looks a bit brownish and not that grey - which is nice.

The product has a gliding cream consistency that quickly turns into powder. I found it easy to apply with fingers, in a patting motion, but I did find it was setting really fast and so you need to work quickly. But if you do work fast enough, you can either sheer it or build layers for a more dense color, which is really nice.
According to Becca, you can mix pigments in this or use it as a base under powder eyeshadow.

As always, I used a base underneath, and I didn't have any creasing issue even though my days are always quite long. Becca claims this is water resistant, crease-resistant and long lasting and I see no reason not to believe that.

This product is part of the permanent range and can be purchased as a single item. The small tube contains 7ml/0.24 fl.oz and retails for $24 - £20 (usual exchange rate issue here, hum).
It's versatile, pretty, easy to use - definitely a good product if you are not turned off by the price tag, which is higher than for Becca's powder eyeshadows.

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