February 11, 2011

To moisturize or not to moisturize?

At the beginning of the month, my lovely friend and fellow blogger Monika aka Rocaille started a particular challenge: no moisturizer for the whole month.
Since then I've seen posts on the same topic here and there on the web.

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you know that I stopped using moisturizer for daytime myself over a year ago and never looked back.
I thought it would be nice to share with you this great video from KathySpears, who explains why moisturizer aren't needed for everybody and why stopping using them can drastically improve your skin like it did with mine.

Ndlr: I just notice now that I used the same title for this post as the vid's one, that wasn't intentional :)

Anyone currently not using moisturizer? I'd love to hear about your experience!


  1. No racial, but I'm black. I can't speak for anyone else but amongst Nigerians, even if you can't afford food you can obtain moisturiser. I've (been) moisturised since I was a baby and I can't ever imagine not doing it. Such an alien concept!

    Each to their own, I guess!

  2. @ Student's Guide: I'm no specialist but I can imagine that different skin types and colors have different needs. So to each their own, definitely :)

  3. Thanks for the mention, lovely! I'll just say so far so good with the challenge... I'm not really missing moisturizer yet :) Kathy does an amazing job, doesn't she? x

  4. I remember reading an article by a beauty editor years ago where she talked about her dermatologist telling her to stop using moisturiser, and that it was the best thing she had ever done for her skin. At the time I was aghast - it's drilled in to women from a very young age that one should always, always moisturise!

    However, watching that video I can see the logic in what Kathy says. I'm curious to try it myself and see what happens.

  5. This was such an interesting video to watch and to think about the concept behind not using moisturizer. I'd have to agree that not everyone absolutely needs it, but I'm willing to wager that the majority of us don't have skin that's balanced and wouldn't want all of us to toss our moisturizers in the trash just yet!

    I know that for my skin, I really can't live without moisturizing it. I've gone that nightmarish period where I didn't have access to facial lotions or creams of any sort and it really exacerbated every single one of my skin issues. I was oilier, pimplier, scalier, rougher and my scarring was amplified. Don't think I'll be trying gong without it in the future! :)

  6. Ugh, I can not imagine not moisurizing my skin. I'm dry, dry, dry though- you know that "test" Kathy mentions about seeing how you feel after you cleanse but before you moisturize? I feel tight & itchy even after a splash of water.

    As a veteran of the cosmetic industry, I also want to say that any skincare consultant worth her salt wouldn't just ask "what's your skin type." When someone asks me for skincare advice, I always ask a series of questions that allow me to determine my client's skin type, condition & concerns. You'd be shocked about how many people are wrong about their skin type (for instance, did you know that about 50% of people say they have sensitive skin, when in actuality, only about 15% of the population really does?)

    I'm sure there are people out there that could forgo using moisturizer, though I do feel like I should point out that Kathy still suggests serums, which are, in essence, light moisturizers. It may be that that's all the moisture you need. However, I agree with Mimi when she points out that the majority of us don't have skin balanced enough to completely skip it.

    Also, a silly point here, but I think Kathy kind of sabotages her own argument with the newborn baby example- first, just about every mother I know uses baby lotion on their infant. Second, many skin issues, from milia to eczema to contact dermatitis are much more common in infants, so I'm not sure I agree that baby skin is an accurate indicator of how to treat adult skin. Just sayin' :)

  7. Well I didn't expect such great reactions to this article, I'm glad you ladies are interested in the subject!

    @ Rocaille: you're welcome and I'm glad it's working for you!

    @ Dee: definitely work a try

    @ Mimi and Jess: Great points. I definitely think that this isn't valid for everyone nor for every time of the year. I get very dry skin in the Winter, with some flaky areas that I need to moisturize.
    My point here is that, as Dee said, moisturizing is a drill taught to all women regardless of their skintype and their environment. I have combination skin, my t-zone is oily and in the Winter, while my cheeks are dry and need moisturizer, my t-zone just gets normal. I spent years using mattifying moisturizer because I thought I HAD to moisturize but I wanted to control the oiliness when in reality, I was just making things worse. Not using moisturizer in daytime has helped me a lot.(I still moisturize at night after I use serums, but with lightweight moisturizer)
    Now of course, if your skin is dry, you need it. But if you're an oil slick already, adding more oil might not be a good idea.
    Ultimately, though, we all need to go through trial and error and find what's working best for our own skin. Not moisturizing might work for some people like it did for me so I think it's worth spreading the word :)

  8. Thanks for the article and the video, the idea is very interesting !

  9. Kathy has some points, but what if oiliness is because of hormonal problems and not because of you using products that are drying out your skin? :)

    Btw how come you only have 201 followers? You write beautifully (I've read some of your blog posts) :) x

  10. @ Stavroula: thanks a lot!
    I think that if you're oily, not matter the reason, moisturizer might not be necessary as you don't need more oil? But that's just my theory :)

  11. The thing is that if I don't moisturize I get more oily after a couple of hours.. no idea what's going on lol ! I always use a lightweight moisturizer though, nothing heavy :) x

  12. Stavroula,

    What you're experiencing is actually pretty common with normal to oily skin, Since people with those skin types often use oil or acne control products to remove the oil, your skin finds itself lacking, and will actually produce more oil to compensate and protect itself.

    Using an oil free, water based moisturizer (or a serum w/ hydrating ingredients) can prevent this by replacing the moisture that's been lost. Otherwise, skin over-reacts and starts pumping out more oil, which leads the user to resort to harsher methods of oil control, which results in more oil production....and so on :)

  13. Thank you Jessica :)

    Well, that happens with mild cleansers as well :( I will ask my dermatologist about it and hopefully we'll find a solution :) x

  14. I did stop using moisturizer for 2 months on my face and it just got dry and pimply and oily at the t-zone. it did not improve my skin.

    I have gone without moisturising my body for 2 months and that didn't work either. I've now got lines on my skin, they are there for everyone I guess but they're a bit deeper for me now.

  15. I believe some soaps now contain sunscreens - a good compromise?


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