February 24, 2011

You never know how much you love it till you lose it

Yesterday, I worked late for a special event and got back home at 10.30

This morning, I got up (for work, again) in zombie mode.

And so I dropped my Oskia bottle. Wich is made of glass. On the floor, from my 5'9" height. And so it broke.
How ironic I would be sans Get Up and Glow serum on a day where I need it so much.
(Always look at the bright side of life: my floors aren't carpetted, cleaning up was relatively easy, even though it was heart breaking).

I used the last drops that were in the pump, and now I'm seriously upset because it was a 90% full bottle of a 70£ serum. I wasn't sure if I'd re-purchase it when I would have finished it, but right now I can't imagine using something else in the morning, so I guess I'll hop over to Zuneta to get another one as soon as I get my paycheck.

Moral of this story... hmm, don't work too late?



  1. Oh no! I did that a while ago with my first advanced night repair serum bottle (the 100ml special size). It was brand new so nothing was left in the pumpp :(((
    I end up re-buying it and storing it in my skincare closet unopened. :)))

  2. oh no! :( Now, what is this product? I'm really curious now as it looks interesting :)

  3. girly, I gotta get you doing reviews for MUG :)

  4. @ Lambda: eww no! That's an even lore expensive one and another one I can't live without! The thing is I grabbed it and let it go, so the storage isn't the problem, it's my hands LOL!

    @ Marlena-MUG: so nice to see you here :) I tell it all here: http://musingonbeauty.blogspot.com/2010/12/review-oskia-get-up-and-glow.html
    You know where to find me if you want me to write ;-)

  5. oh maaaaan! That totally sucks!! I feel for you girl..

    Hopefully you'll find something cheaper that would replace it..

  6. Aww...so sad. And that's the thanks you get for working late, huh? So sorry!


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