March 23, 2011

Dior Addict lipstick versus Chanel Rouge Coco Shine lipstick. Kate or Vanessa?

Looks like this Spring, the lipsticks world is all about shiny and hydrating formulas. Kind of lipstick meets gloss meets balm and have a love child that only chemistry can bring to life.

Of course I felt very tempted to try them, probably also because the promotional images are so beautiful.

Kate Moss for Dior, and you already know this pic inspires me a lot.

And then French singer and actress Vanessa Paradis (aka. Mrs Johnny Depp) for Chanel.

Now in real life, I'm without a doubt aspiring to be more of the Vanessa type (French, quiet, in a long term relationship with two kids) than of the Kate type (English, rock&roll, addict and dating crazy guys) (Am I the only one thinking it's ironic to have Kate modelling for a product called Addict?).
But in lipstick life I had to give both a try :)

So here's me wearing Rouge Coco Shine in Boy (the mythic color of the year, apparently)

My thoughts on the product:
  • Nice pigmentation
  • Slightly shiny without being glittery, but definitely more thick and matte-ish than a gloss
  • Very classy black Chanel packaging
  • Has the awful same smell that the regular Rouge Coco's have and that I hate - makes me sick, luckily it doesn't linger too long
  • Unfortunately, über drying on my lips, even though it claims to be hydrating. The regular Rouge Coco formula was more moisturizing for me than this one.
Verdict: meh. Wanted to like them but they're really not comfortable to wear for me. I got 2 of these (Boy and Rebelle) and am thinking of putting them on my blog sale as I don't think I'll really wear them because of that.
Now onto the Dior Addict lipstick: here I'm wearing the one called IT Pink (and some Kate-lookalike winged liner)

My thoughts on this one:
  • Excellent pigmentation
  • A bit shinier than the Chanel one with a very soft formula
  • This one does feel hydrating when applied, and not drying on the long term: it feels like balm and I would almost put it on without a mirror as it's so easy to apply
  • Absolutely no smell and no taste
  • Lasts quite a long time for a non-drying formula
  • The packaging is heavier and kind of holographic, definitely not everybody's taste but I don't really care
Verdict: this one I love! It's so easy and comfortable to wear, and also so pretty - I might neeed more colors.
Price info : both products are priced around the €27 mark but in the US, I believe the Chanel one is around $32 while the Dior one is around $27.

So it looks like this time I'll be a Kate. What about you?


  1. I have to go with Chanel's Boy, but Kate is an icon and she was the original Johnny Depp love interest!!!

  2. Thanks for the comparison. I personally am more of a Chanel gal but It Pink is a gorgeous color. Both looks great on you.

  3. No doubt, the Dior one is perfect and I don't like Chanlk make up, so I'll be Kate as you will ;-)

  4. I've been OD'ing on the new Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color but now I need try these too!

  5. I love these lipsticks and own 2 already-Boy and Elise.

    I do use a lip treatment underneath but I do find them to be quite hydrating. Are your lips on the dry side to begin with?

  6. @ Meredith: yes my lips do get dry easily - I have worn Rebelle today and it worked OK, I think the problem with Boy is that it's not really flattering on me, on top of being drying. I think I'll keep Rebelle and make it work with a lip treatment underneath like you do :)

  7. Rouge Coco Shine lipstick brings 25 new shades. This is a complete range.

  8. i didn't try them out on my lips already, but swatched them on my hand and dior won :) - still a estee lauder crystal lipstick lover! can't help myself.

  9. @ don't you wish: we had a discussion on a makeup forum, some people find the Chanel ones very moisturizing, some very drying, to the point that we're wondering if the ones who find it drying aren't allergic to some ingredient... Anyway, Dior wins in my book this time!

  10. If you are going to put it for sale please let me know! I spend like an hour at sephora comparing bot of them, and for me Rouge coco shine works better. But I think at the end I will buy both :P

    so if you want to sell them.. you know what to do :)

  11. @ That Normal Girl: I actually sold Boy on the blog sales already :( I have kept Rebelle so far, I love the color, will give it another chance, but if I get rid of it i'll let you know :)


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