March 18, 2011

Favorite Orange lipsticks (with swatches)

I recently took you through my collection of fuchsia lipsticks, now it's time for my other lip-color obsession: orange.
Yes, you can be fair and wear orange, I absolutely love this color, it's very flattering, it brightens the face, and some of them actually make teeth look whiter like a blue based red would do. (Oh! Reds! That's something for later.)

You'll notice that I use the name "orange" a bit loosely: Nars Niagara is leaning more to coral than to true orange but well, at least it serves for comparison purposes.

If you find orange hard to wear, a touch of litchee colored lipgloss on top will make it more wearable, that's how I started wearing Mac Morange a year ago:

Pic from May 2010 - time flies!
Mac Morange with Mac Mimi lipgloss on top

I ended up ditching the gloss and wearing the lipstick alone and I still do. These days I tend to wear the Givenchy one more, as well as the Guerlain, but that deserves a full separate post :)

Do you wear orange on the lips? What are your favorites?


  1. I've been wanting that Givenchy lippy since I saw it on Temptalia!

    Thanks for the swatches

  2. Thanks for the swatches, Morange is so bright. I was thinking of getting Vegas Volt or Costa Chic, I'm loving the corals at the minute x

  3. Morange looked so bad on me.. But you pull it off soooo well... I got mac's lady danger as a gift.. It's nice but I don't think orange lipstick suits me overall..

  4. Love, love,love all orange/coral lipsticks. I have one by Milani (with nice staying power) called Mandarina, so fresh, so spring-ey...

  5. Forgot to say love, love, love Morange and Ravishing. The Mandarina by Milani I was talking about in my previous comment is a more intense version of Ravishing.


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