March 3, 2011

Illamasqua Spring-Summer 2011: Toxic Nature

The news about the new Illamasqua collection is just out, and if you've been reading my blog for a while, you know how much I love that brand.

The theme for this collection is Toxic Nature.

The idea behind this collection is nature retaliating against humankind who distorted it and genetically altered it. As a response, hybrid creatures appear, full of conflicting colors, as intoxicating versions of their original forms.

Quoting Illamasqua's blog: "This is an atomic-botanical environment, where survival is key and camouflage by colour is the path to existence..."

The new products are already featured on Illamasqua website and orders will be accepted starting on March 10th.
I find all the products in this collection really beautiful with their bright colors: next tot a new series of nailpolishes, new lipstick and lipglosses, Illamasqua launched a new generation of cream eyeshadows called "Cream Pigment' in 6 vivid shades.
There's also a new Precision Ink in a glittery beige shade called Glister, that I can't wait to try!
Swatches are already available on Lipglossiping's blog!

You can already put your favorites in your wishlist to be notified when they're available and make a chance to win 3 of them!

This is probably the Spring collection I'm looking forward to the most! What do you ladies think of this theme and of these new produtcs?

EDIT: the very talented Jangsara has some fantastic swatches and product pics, and did an awsome recreation of one of these editorial looks - check it out!


  1. I'm fascinated by the models in the promo picture and somewhat curious as to how a look like this would translate into day to day wear! I love the theme and the surrealistic artistry and can't wait to see bloggers use the products in their FOTDs.

  2. @ Mimi, me too, I really can't go to work looking like a transgenic flower LOL

  3. I like the imagery, but the products leave me a bit cool. It's nice to see some darker shades against the brights and pastels though. x

  4. I love the look of the polishes. Too bad I can't buy them. Illamasqua polishe still have some chemicals on them whereas other do not and I know they aren't horrible for you, but I'm a health freak and I can't take the risk. Sold my last Illamasqua polish on a blog sale. They still look gorgeous though. :)


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