March 22, 2011

Review and swatches: Guerlain Rouge G Serie Noire lipsticks

Remember how enthusiastic I was about the Spring collection from Guerlain? Well I talked about the Serie Noire Blush G quite a few times already but we haven't discussed the Serie Noire Rouge G lipsticks yet!

I got two of them, that I had ordered online back in January: Fuchsia Delice and Orange Euphorique. (I bet that won't surprise anyone).
However when I first tried them on, I was a bit disappointed: I expected them to be super bright, like they look on the picture (first and third one) and even on the bullet, but once applied, that's another story...


See? Quite sheer.

But you know what? I've grown into loving them. Yes, loving, really! Because I don't always want to wear a super bright lipstick, for example on days that I wear a more sophisticated eye look. With these two, I can still enjoy my 2 favorite lip colors without it being too 'in your face'. And soo I've been wearing them a lot these past 2 months!
Like here:
Wearing Orange Euphorique.
What can I say, it's Springtime, the sun is shining, and my sunglasses take away the focus from my eye makeup haha!

Nothing offensive, really. Which means that if you're interested in these sheer colors but were scared of the bright promo pictures, you can now indulge!

Other notes on these lipsticks:
  •  I love the formula, it's very moisturizing and comfortable
  • The smell and taste are very slight and really non-offensive
  • The packaging is gorgeous, the mini-mirror very useful BUT it's quite heavy, you have to know that.
  • It's SUPER expensive: €38, USD46. Yes, that's painful. But after all I like the Guerlain lipsticks so much and I wear them A LOT so maybe it's worth the investment and the sacrifice of a few cheaper lipsticks that I won't like so much.
Have you tried these? What did you think?


  1. They do look like beautiful colours..

    I just recently bought Chanel's Rouge shine or whatever they're called in Boy.. And it's also sheer but sooo moisturizing.. I'm loving it and wearing it all the time..

  2. @ Delyteful: well I need to review that (and a few other shiny moisturizing lipsticks) but I got Boy too and actually don't like it because it dries up my lips :( Too bad.

  3. They look very pretty and chic. I haven't yet bought any rouge Gs due to the $$ ouch factor but there are a few that I've got my eye on

  4. oh that's too bad.. I find that it does help moisturize my dry lips..


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