March 28, 2011

Review: Biotherm Skinergetic range

Products were offered by Biotherm for review but not in the context of this blog.

So I just spent a month trying the Biotherm Skinergetic range (well, not really a month, I'll explain).

I was quite enthusiast about this range, which is why I had volunteered to try it. It's aimed at women between 30 and 40 years old who have a very active life, not enough sleep and possibly visible marks of tiredness on their skin. This range is supposed to prevent these signs of fatigue from turning into aging signs.
The range also claims to be paraben-free and made of 97-99% natural ingredients (depending on the product), which I do find nice even though that's not my top priority when picking a skincare product.
After a month, your skin should look plumped, moisturized and radiant. Doesn't that sound nice?

I have to say, though, that the French Biotherm website offers a test to determine what product(s) you need according to your lifestyle and skin condition. This test revealed I should use the night cream only, but we were asked to test the full range. Also I didn't see the same test on the American websites.

Let's get into the details for each product, and I'll also tell you what I think.

The Serum.
This one is meant to be used morning and night under the moisturizer.
It contains an active coming from broccoli, that is kept in a capsule you need to click onto the bottle top before the first use. This way, the active ingredient is released and it stays 100% active for 3 months - that's what Biotherm calls "fresh cosmetics". The serum also contains soy extracts and several fruit acids for gentle exfoliation.

My thoughts:
The product is heavily scented with a very fruity smell, which you might not expect from something claimed to be based on Broccoli! The texture is white and a bit thick, I would say the product looks and smells a lot like apricot yoghurt. 

I found that the smell was a bit too much, and in my opinion not smelling "99% natural" even though the brand guarantees it is. (I'm not saying they're lying, just that it's not the impression that the product gave me).
Also you need the tiniest amount and I'm pretty sure the bottle will last longer than 3 months, unless you apply twice a day on your face, neck and possibly decolletage. Biotherm told us that it's still active after 3 months, even though the effectiveness decreases with time after that mark, but I find it hard to have a product that isn't working at its best till the end when you paid 58$ for it (which I didn't, as I told you before).

The day cream.
This one contains an "Anti-Ox Complex providing nutrients to the skin while protecting it from external and internal free radicals". The main ingredients are coming from a variety of fruits.
There are 2 formulas: a gel for normal/oily skin and a rich cream for dry skin.

My thoughts:
Again, this one is heavily scented with strong fruity smells. Now here comes the first problem: I received the rich cream and this was way too rich for my skin type. It doesn't look like a thick cream, though, more like a very thick peachy gel.
Second problem: when applying this on top of the serum, little silicon balls started rolling on my face - looks like there is a conflict between the two formulas. Might be because I didn't wait very long between the application of the 2 products, but who has that kind of time in the morning?

The night cream:

This one is meant to detox your skin during the night, "D-Tox Complex aids in accelerating the detoxifying process of the skin, activating the elimination of waste and toxins in cells". It's made of roots and tea and some berries, but the smell is very earthy and root based I would say. 

My thoughts:
I didn't like the earthy smell at all, not the kind of stuff you want to go to bed with in my opinion. But I don't really wish for the heavy fruity smell in a product I'll put on before going to sleep, so I rather deal with this one anyway.
The texture is a very white thick cream but when you apply, it doesn't feel heavy or greasy, I was almost expecting a night cream to be richer.
My skin didn't feel greasy when I woke up in the morning.

My overall experience.

Unfortunately I got breakouts after a few days of using the range. I tried to wear the serum only in the morning, giving up on the day cream, but it didn't help.
I have to suppose that either the fragrances or some other ingredients didn't agree with my skin. I was keeping on getting more and more whiteheads and even a couple of cystic zits - which I never get - and my skin was looking greasy by mid-day, so I had to stop using the range after like 8 days.
I did a few more attempts with the night cream but didn't want to take too much risks so haven't been using it on a daily basis.

I can't really say that on the days I did use the products, my skin looked fabulously better. My EL Advanced Night Repair serum does a much better job on that matter.
The products have pleasant textures and application was enjoyable, but I found the perfumes disturbing.
The packaging are lovely and I love the concept and the natural ingredients behind the products, but I'm afraid that this had zero positive effect on me - quite the contrary.
I'm not saying I won't try using those products again separately, because it drives me crazy to have them and not be able to use them, but if I break out again that will be the end of it.
All the products are priced between 50-60 $ or € (bad conversion factor strikes again) so for that price, I was hoping for visible results and no side-effects. If you want to try, make sure you get samples first.


  1. ohhh what a shame... They sounded so promising and I'm so into natural products.. I like their packaging too.. But I cannot risk more breakouts..

    Thanks so much for the detailed review.. Much appreciated

  2. Got a sample size of both on Saturday, used twic both and today I broke up sooo bad!!! I was at work feeling terrbble for my skin!!!
    never happened before!

  3. I'd bet money that your rolling silicone issue was due to both the serum and the day moisture being silicone based- I'd bet $10 that some type of silicone appears in the first 5 ingredients of both products. Not that this is inherently bad, but its not great either- silicone is a good ingredient that provides a breathable protective barrier on the skin and a nice silky feel, however, skin needs more than that.

    I've seen plenty of serums & creams out there that depend on the silicone feeling to "wow" clients into using it, instead of putting more beneficial ingredients into the mix. Not that this is necessarily the case w/ your Biotherm, but it would certainly make me suspicious.

    If you do decide to try again, I'd say use less of each product, and give the serum a few minutes to "sink in" (what you're really doing is allowing the silicones to evaporate, but hey...)

    I will say, the fresh ingredient idea is intriguing, and the packaging is great!

  4. @ Anon -oh that's awful.

    @ Jess: I'll certainly use your advice, and I'm going to check who's owing 10$ to whom now ;-)


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