March 21, 2011

Wanted: new holy grail eye makeup remover

I'm very sad I have to say this, because I love the brand, but La Roche Posay has made an habit of discontinuing my holy grail products and that's becoming kind of upsetting.

First, they reformulated their Effaclar mattifying moisturizer in a way that my skin didn't like at all. That was the beginning or my transition to the "no moisturizer" journey.
Then, last year they discontinued the Hydraphase mask I talked about here and I barely made it through this winter with the last backups I had.

And now they have discontinued my favorite makeup remover that I use for the eyes, the Rosaliac micellar lotion.
I have been using this for at least 5 years. While I love micellar lotion for my face, I don't find it as comfortable to use for the eyes and my beloved Bioderma Crealine H2O does irritate my eyes a bit, particularly if I have to use it for the waterline.
This Rosaliac, it was just perfect: a gel texture, absolutely not irritating, no smell, very comfortable and it was getting rid of almost anything (the Asian mascaras being the exception).

I finished my last bottle yesterday night.

I had already bought a possible replacement:
SVR Rubialine micellar jelly

I was tricked into getting this by the name, and the very similar packaging, but the product is different. It's more liquidy and that makes it harder to use: it's not liquid enough to soak the cotton buds, but  it's not enough of a gel and is very runny, which is very impractical.
Plus, it does sting my eyes a bit.

So, I'm turning to my readers for advice: what would you recommend? Knowing that:
a/ I don't want any dual phase product for daily use
b/ I prefer a gel texture
c/ I need to be able to buy the product in Europe or to get it easily online

Any suggestion?


  1. I'm also in favour of the gel formulas for removing eye makeup- after a little research I had done in the past, other companies that make such product are Yves Rocher, Urban Decay, Decleor, Lierac. Personally, I prefer the Yves Rocher cleanser, it works great on me and it's the cheapest of the bunch ;)

  2. Did you try the Bioderma Sensibio. I really like it for removing everything...

  3. Boots do a eye-makeup remover in gel form, it's part of their cucumber range. Whilst I'm not sure if it would suit you, it' cheap as chips so you won't lose much if it's not up to scratch, and who knows? It might just be the thing you're looking for.

  4. @ cbsg: Yves Rocher, really? need to check that, thanks!

    @ Sarah D: the Sensibio is the same product that I mentioned, Crealine, and it stings my eyes :(

    @ Ola: no Boots here, unfortunately

  5. Make Up For Ever make a light gel remover called Sens'Eyes, have you tried that? It works on even waterproof stuff, and never stings my eyes (most others do, especially if I have to make a few passes). I also like that it doesn't leave me blinking out oil spots like dual phase removers.

    It's not the cheapest option, but if you can't find a less expensive alternative, it's worth a try!

  6. @ Jess: I know, another friend of mine swears by this and I definitely need to try it. The issue is that, not having Sephora in my country, I don't have easy access to MUFE and driving 2x65miles to get makeup remover is going to be a problem :)


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