April 15, 2011

10 days into using OCM (Oil Cleansing Method)

Lately my skin hasn't been that great. Since I hadn't changed anything to my routine I didn't know where the problem came from but my face looked dull, my pores congested and my blackheads were worse than ever.
Ah, blackheads, that's the one thing I'm self-conscious about when it comes to my skin. And I was feeling that over the past months, they were worse then they had ever been (and I've had them since my teenage years so that's quite a long while!)

So I did some research on the web, and I must admit I would have bought into anybody offering a solution that would have remove 4 mm of top layer from my face skin if that could help!
That's how I came across the oil cleansing method. And you know what? I already knew about it! I had researched it in the past, I even had told friends about it, and then I had gotten distracted by something else and had never really tried.
So it was time for me to give it a serious try!

If you're not familiar with OCM, you will find a lot of useful information here. It's based on two principles:
- oil is what removes oil the best, so the oilies from your skin will be removed by oil
- a lot of products strip our face from its natural oils, causing our skin to react by overproducing oil again, creating a vicious circle; cleansing with oil should avoid that
So you remove your makeup and cleanse at the same time with your oil or oil blend, then use a moslin cloth to remove it and that's it.

That was 10 days ago, and here is how I feel about it.

THE CONS (yes, I'm starting with the cons, now).
- it takes a bit more time to remove your makeup this way, especially if you alternate massaging oil and steaming your face a couple of time like it's recommended
- finding the best oil to use is a matter of trial and error: I have used Castor a couple of times and it dries out my skin, yet it's excellent to clean pores - so you need to try different recipes, mixes and quantities and it can take some time to figure out what works best
- there might be some purging going on, I've had quite a lot of white heads these past 10 days. They could come from using a too rich oil but since they're all on the areas that were congested, I do believe it's just purging.
- I'm a bit confused about what skincare to use so I won't strip my skin again, which would be counter-productive. On the other hand, not using any moisturizer didn't work as I got dehydration fine lines on the cheeks!
- All in all, it requires time and research and experiments
- It's not an overnight miracle solution

But... here comes the one big PRO:
- It works.
My skin is clearer than it's been in a very long time, I'd say in years. It's not completely clear but the blackheads are greatly reduced and less visible, and my pores look smaller (not that they could ever shrink back but if they're not clogged, they look smaller).
The past year I've been using MUFE Full Cover concealer around my nose to hide these nasty blackheads, and these past days I haven't used anything else than the same foundation I use all over my face. You can't see the pores and blackheads through foundation anymore.

No need to say that I'm really thrilled and will be continuing to use this method, even though I still have some trial and error to go through and even though it's time consuming. I also don't know if my skin will ever be completely clear but since I feel so much better about how it looks now, that's totally worth doing.

For your information, I currently use Almond Oil, alone or mixed with 20% Castor oil.

Have you tried this method? Have you liked the results?


  1. Hey! you might like to read my post on OCM too :)



  2. oh yay!! I'm so glad you thought outside the square and found something that worked this well.

    It's almost counterintuitive at first, using oils to clean the face. But chemically it makes a lot of sense.

    Have you tried using Jojoba?

  3. @ Nude Obsession: will do!

    @ Jen: you're reading in my thoughts, I just bought some, will try that one as well!

  4. I've been thinking about using Jojoba oil for cleansing for some time but haven't got around to picking up a bottle. I really should do that!

  5. Do you use another cleanser or a tonic after??
    Or it's really OCM, some moisturizer and off to sleep?

  6. @ Dayday: it's wipe it away, moisturize and off to sleep! Cleansing again would ruin the purpose I believe.

  7. I'm sure everyone will be horrified when they read this but: I use cosmetic grade mineral oil for the oil cleansing method. I've done this for approx. 2+ years now and my skin has very few if any clogged pores. You can buy this in the pharmacy section of pretty much any store, it's dirt cheap and contrary to popular belief mineral oil is non-comedogenic. If this is too terrifying (there is a lot of inaccurate info out there) try jojoba oil, it is non-comedogenic as well. I actually mix j.o. with my moisturizer for a moisture boost.

  8. @ Anon: I'm not afraid of mineral oil so I'm not horrified, lol. I've bought Jojoba oil, I need to try that as well.

  9. Very interesting, your experiences make me want to try it! I have jojoba oil stashed somewhere in the back of my drawer, so I might try it a couple times a week. My only problem with jojoba though it that it clogs your vision if it gets in your eyes, and also I feel that it leaves a bit of a residue on the skin. But I'll give a try anyway! x

  10. Very nice article!
    I can't agree more ! I do use Almond oil too at the moment as a make up remover and a cleanser: it works perfectly on my combinaison skin! Through: my favorite oil is Abricot oil. I love the way it's glide on the skin and remove everything. It from mascara to fondation very well, leaving my skin with the right "balance".

    I love jojoba oil but i don't find it as smooth as abricot or almond oil.

  11. This is so interesting! My skin is so sensitive, but I wonder if this would help with my dry skin, which is bad lately, for whatever reason. I may give it a try when I get back home. : O ) Thanks, Ms. Musing! ; o )

  12. @ Rocaille: that is why I use a separate makeup remover for my eyes and avoid the area.

    @Valerie: thanks! Will try and find Apricot oil :)

    @Marty: if you have dry skin, extra virgin olive oil would be the best one to try!

  13. oooh very interesting. i was just noticing the pores on my nose are huge. maybe i will try this, it seems simple enough. thanks!

  14. oh my gosh! This is serisouly the best post I've read today! Much much needed! Im sooo trying this! Thanks heaps hun. xoxo.

  15. so i tried this for about 5 days and my skin was fantastic! don't know if there would have been a cleansing, not so pretty phase because i stopped. in favor of the not cleansing at all method due to new baby. but so far, so great and i intend to go clean right NOW.

  16. @ Mimi: I just read your birth story, congratulations! Well if you don't have much time to do anything for your skin right now, this might be the only thing you need to do to keep it good.

  17. Hi!
    Have you tried the Dempeaux 'easy rinse' version?

    It's not the same method, but I'm too lazy to do this vapor-cloth-etc. and I do this every 15 days.
    But for everyday cleansing and makeup removing this recipe is very good and practical. It works!

    Here is the link: http://www.dempeaux.com/?p=6365

    Adding emulsifier to our own oils is a great idea. Very easy to everyday use.

  18. Hi Renata, I jsut got some emulsifier to try this but haven't got around to doing my mix yet. I fail miserably at DIY :)
    But thanks for the suggestion!

  19. You just have to put them together. They won't mix anyway, you just shake before you use it. This one is very easy, I hope you can DIY :D Good luck.


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