April 30, 2011

April Favorites

April looked a lot like Summer around here. All kind of wild flowers appeared in the garden in the course of 2 days, and the neighbor's cats have been wandering around and sunbathing on the patio. That obviously called for some changes in makeup.

The Oil Cleansing Method +  Shu Uemura pink cleansing oil.
It's been almost a month since I started using the oil cleansing method, and I am very happy with the results. I haven't gotten rid of all the blackheads on my t-zone yet but my skin is much clearer and since the initial purging phase that lasted a week, I haven't had any blemish or even random white head on my face. My skintype is also closer to normal than it's ever been. 
I currently use a blend of Almond oil and Castor oil twice a week, and on the other days I use either almond oil or this Shu oil. What's great with the Shu oil is that it's emulsifying and easy to rinse off without using the very hot water, so it's not drying at all for my skin. 

Becca Luminous Skin Color.
I have been wearing this in every possible way: on its own with a bit of concealer, in combination with a cream or stick foundation, with or without powder... I just love it, it's glowy and it evens out my skin perfectly. Definitely a keeper.

Becca Silk Hydrating Primer.
I got this one last Winter so I'd get a bit of hydration under my makeup as my skin was very dry. Then in my project to wear the full Becca Skin Perfecting System, I went back to it and now I wonder: how did I never realize before how much a primer helps in keeping your makeup perfect all day???
The only thing I don't like about this one is that it comes in a tube, and the formula is very liquidy, which regularly causes blobs of unwanted products to splurt out of the tube. A pump would be better, other than that, the products works great.

Diorskin Nude Freshglow Powder.
I was reminded of this product after seeing a recent Makeup Geek video. This is a mineral foundation but Marlena uses it as a powder as it gives a flawless finish and never looks powdery. I have been using this on my t-zone, applying with my Illamasqua Blush Brush (which is soft but with a flat top), on top of the Becca Luminous Skin Color.
It is indeed not matte, even a bit glowy, and doesn't look powdery at all.

Guerlain Serie Noire Blush G.
Yes, this one again. What can I say? I love the peachy glow it gives.

And of course, THE event of April was...

I know, I know, people were either very excited by the British Royal Wedding or totally bored by the mammuth media coverage. I'm not British, I don't live in the UK, but I like the idea of putting attention to a positive and romantic event for once - there's enough bad stuff going on in this world, why not enjoy a happy event?
I was of course looking forward to seeing the wedding dress Princess Kate was going to wear, but also her makeup, as she had declared she would be doing it herself.

Makeup forums have been buzzing with comments on that makeup since yesterday. My opinion is that I admire Princess Kate for wanting to be herself and keep her usual style on her big day. You may or may not like her makeup, the black eyeliner causes a lot of controversy among makeup addicts; but I think makeup is something you do for pleasure and for yourself, and if the new Princess loves her liner, well she did great in wearing it proudly for her wedding. I personally think she looked fantastic.

The YouTube beauty community is probably going to generate a million Kate makeup tutorials, but I wanted to share 2 that I really liked, and that achieve similar results with very different techniques - which I find interesting.

First one is by Katie Hugues, whom I have already featured on this blog. (She is now doing videos with her friend Sophie, who is also a professional makeup artist, you ladies should really check them out).

The second one is by the lovely Gemma aka Gemsmaquillage.

What were your favorites this month?


  1. Arghh everyone has me wanting Becca lately!!!

  2. @ Jadegrrrl: sorry, this blog is currently a huge Becca enabler, I'm a bit obsessed by the brand at the moment :))

  3. Lovely list!!

    I also totally agree with everything you said about the wedding. 100%. I was a bit annoyed with the negative comments, and such bad energy people were giving off on a certain place... I was one of the many that stayed up to watch the entire thing, and loved it all.

    I'd now love to try both of those items from Becca!!! Your blog -- along with ShadesofBECCA -- really has sparked my curiosity. ;p

    Gros bisous!! <3

  4. lol!
    Love the cat pic :D

    GOod to see someone else loving BECCA LSC too!
    Really got me through the winter x

  5. @ Mira: darling, you here?! :-) I love LSC but for me it feels like a Summer product I must say. Oh well, we'll see next Winter (not looking forward to that I must say)


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