April 25, 2011

Latest addition to my bronzer collection: Dior Nude Glow Aurora

You know how much I like these hybrids between soft focus face powders and bronzers, so with the appearance of the newly released Dior Summer collection at my local counter, this product immediately caught my attention!

The Nude Healthy Glow powder comes in 2 shades, Aurora and Sunset, Aurora being the lightest one. It's a lovely mix of a light, not reddish at all, bronzer and a peach powder. There is some shimmer running through the powder but it isn't really noticeable on the skin. You can really use it all over the face without looking orange or shimmery, and you can concentrate it on the cheeks to get a lovely sunkissed effect - you don't even need to add blush.

I've been wearing it these past days and really liking the effect: it does give a natural healthy glow, it's easy to apply, it doesn't have a smell and it lasts very well on the skin. I'm not surprised since I do like the Dior Nude makeup range a lot for its quality and longevity.

Here I am wearing a bit of Guerlain Serie Noire Blush G on top, as well as some Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Pearl, which is what gives the glow to my face. The Dior powder on its own wouldn't make me that glowy.

This is a very nice product. I don't know yet if I like it as much as my Givenchy Frangipaniers from last year but the color is different, more peachy and less bronzey, and it's a very nice addition to my collection.
At USD46 - €47 (bad conversion factor strikes again), this isn't a cheap product at all, though. I would say it's worth it for people who are very pale and scared of regular bronzers. If you feel you can get along with regular bronzer, I don't think this is unmissable.

Are you getting any new bronzer for Spring?


  1. BEAUTIFUL!!! I'm tempted to check this one out as well as the Chanel one! You look stunning!

  2. i so need to get the becca pearl skin perfector! and the dior powder looks lovely too
    amina x

  3. Gorgeous colour on you! You look beautiful.

  4. Thanks ladies!

    @Elvira: the Chanel ones are on my list to check out as well but they're not available yet here.

  5. you look stunning in this shot!!!

  6. You are glowing! If I didn't just read a post about a beauty product, I'd say you were in luuuurve. : O )

  7. @ ketoglutarat: thanks

    @ Marty haha, I'm more hoping the glow will help catching a good fish ;-)

  8. I love this look, and I love it even more with the winged liner!

  9. You look gorgeous in this shot. The winged liner really suits you. :)

  10. I reallly wanna get my hands on this bronzer.. It's just stunning.. so soft and pretty.. Not sure if it'll show up that much on my skin tone though (NC/NW 30).. I found that the #2 Sunset shade was a lil too orangey for my taste..

    You look stunningly glowy!


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