April 1, 2011

March Favorites

The weather was really Spring-like for a large part of the month, so I've been using some products I had neglected all Winter, but also experimenting a bit - even though I've been wearing winged liner and bright lips most days of this month!

Illamasqua Sealing Gel and Mac 266 brush.
Why didn't I try this before? Using an eyeshadow as a liner, applying it with a Mac 266 and adding some Sealing Gel to it is a great way to create new liner colors every day, and the gel really makes it long lasting and waterproof!

Jelly Nailpolishes
Absolutely love the shiny finish and the sorbet-like texture. I don't own many of them right now but I'm definitely going to get more.

Dior Addict lipstick in IT Pink.
Such a comfortable, moisturizing, pigmented and pretty formula! I'm absolutely in love, I feel more purchases coming.

Diorskin Nude liquid foundation.
Looks like a Dior month, doesn't it? I've been wearing my Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua as well, of course, but I've been using the Dior Nude quite a lot because it's extremely long lasting on me and I've had quite a few very long days at work.

Burberry bronzer in Warm Glow.
This is a perfect color for pale skins, that warms it up very lightly in a subtle way. Perfect to transition from Winter to Spring without looking fake.

Mac Marine Life.
Wearing this during the Winter was really impossible as it looked too warm, I'm really glad it's looking good on me again now.

What were your favorites for March?


  1. The sealing gel sounds amazing :)

  2. I've been wanting a MAC 266 brush for some time now. The sealing gel intrigues me too... I'm getting bored of black liquid liner.

  3. @ Jadegrlll: I know that MUFE has one too but this is the only one I've tried and I like it a lot

    @wilbeshire: me too, and this really allows you to be creative!

  4. How is the Dior foundation coverage ?
    Thanks ;- )

  5. @ suricate: a teeny tiny bit more than Nars Sheer Glow :)

  6. Oh, interesting ! I should try it then ! Thank you !


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