April 4, 2011

Perfume review: Marc Jacobs Daisy.

Perfume lovers among you who have read my previous perfume reviews will be like "what???".
I know, I know - Daisy is so not me!

What can I say? It's been overhyped on the internet for a long time now, and it was just launched in my country. Plus, the bottle looks so cute -  perfect to put on top of a vanity! So I had to go and have a sniff! 

Daisies have no smell, but they remind me of the early hours in the garden during Summer days, and of the fields where we went walking with my grandmother when I was a kid. Daisies are pretty and lovely, even if they don't smell. And this perfume certainly captured the walk in the garden atmosphere because the first notes, to me, are particularly green and remind me of fresh grass with a touch of something else that appears to be violet leaves.
That's what made me want this perfume and buy it on an impulse after I had smelled it at the store on a couple of different occasions - I'm not usually into florals but the grass side of this was very appealing and fresh.

Unfortunately, the lovely first notes don't last too long. The top notes are strawberry, violet leaves, and ruby red grapefruit.  The middle notes are gardenia, violet petals, and jasmine petals.  The base notes, which remain the longest, are musk, white woods, and vanilla.
Woods and vanilla, that totally rings a bell for me - I love them so much! So I was expecting to enjoy the dry-down of this, but what I get the most if the musk. I can't even say I smelled much of the heart fruity notes.

Is that necessarily a bad thing? No. Daisy is actually targeting 18-25 years old girls (hum, feeling old here) and meaning to be floral, fresh, somehow vintage, not sexy and non-offensive. And that's exactly what it is. 
It's clean. Very very clean. I mean, my current laundry detergent is more invasive than that. It's a fragrance you can offer as a gift to your teenager and let her wear without worrying about the message it gives - or without getting migraines because of a heavy fruity sugary smell, because the fruit notes in Daisy are surprisingly subtle and not at all cloying.

And for me? Well, Daisy is nice, fresh, young. It's simple and carefree and I don't think anybody would ever find it offensive, so I think it will be a lovely daytime perfume for hot Summer days at the office or for a walk in the countryside on a Sunday afternoon. 
For a special date or a night out, or to boost my confidence before a tough meeting - not so much.
But that's OK, life and perfumes don't need to be complicated and sophisticated all the time.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau de Toilette, 66€ / USD60 for the 1.7 oz bottle.


  1. It's funny that it is targeted to such a young group and I always associte flower smell with old lady. I still haven't tried this even with all the hype. Love the bottle of this though.

  2. Oh I totally associate this fragrance with mature ladies, my Mum wears it and I find it suits her age group much more than mine, though I do love it. Interesting to hear the different thoughts, thanks for the review! And the bottle is adorable, have you seen the solid perfume ring version?So cute!

  3. I really like your review, I wouldn't be able to describe perfume so exactly in a million years!

    I have a mini bottle of Daisy on my vanity but haven't actually opened it yet... Maybe I should for the summertime? x

  4. @ Ansa & Emmabovary: I can see why you associate this with older ladies, actually my grandma was wearing a Dior perfume that smelled like Lily Of the Valley, that kind of floral smell is often worn by more mature ladies. But I can also see why Marc Jacobs thought this was more accessible than his other frangrances for very young women - although today they often wear more agressive sugary fragrances.

    @Rocaille: thanks, I enjoy writing them I must say :) Crack it open on a sunny day and let me know what you think!

  5. Bought it last year for my 14 year old goddaughter. Glad to know I was dead on !


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