April 20, 2011

Review: Becca Beach Tint in Watermelon

What it is:
A tinted cream product that is water resistant - hence suitable for the beach - and can be used on cheeks and lips.

What the brand says:
  • 2-in-1 crème stain for cheeks and lips
  • Deliciously scented
  • Oil Free, Streak Free, and Water-proof
  • Contains anti-oxidant vitamin E
  • Preservative and paraben-free

My experience with the product:
Beach Tints come in 6 different shades, the one I have is Watermelon.

Although the smell is supposed to go with the name, I find this smells more of strawberries but anyway, it's a very pleasant smell that isn't overpowering and doesn't linger for too long.
I do use this on the cheeks a lot. I find it's a very pretty 'glow from within' color that really lasts all day. You could layer a powder blush over it but for me this works well on its own. The color is quite transparent and isn't sparkly at all.
You only need the tiniest amount, and I really mean tiny, like the end of a needle - the amount you see on the picture would actually be too much for both cheeks. If you don't use too much, blending on the skin with fingers is really easy.

I haven't worn this product much on the lips: I have über dry lips and wearing anything that isn't creamy and moistirizing is always tricky for me. However this gives a nice stain if your lips are in top condition.
Do I recommend it?
Becca Beach Tints are sold in 7ml tubes and cost USD25 - €25 (conversion factor syndrome strikes again) - £20
I think if you live in hot weather or want a nice product that will stay put for your holidays, getting one of these is really worth it as it ensures a long-lasting and easy to apply fresh and sexy look. The price is high but the tube will last you a long time, and it's not like you need to get the whole collection (unless you want to).


  1. It looks pretty! I can't quite get myself to buy this though, I tried fig in store and wasn't blown away at all, I much prefer their cream blushes (except for on lips of course, horribly drying) :) On the other hand, I am completely in love with their Eye Tints, such great bases! x

  2. i love your quote at the top, how true is that!!

    as soon as i start wearing make up again i will be back.:)) looks like you have all the dirt.
    ysl faux cils i already knew is THE BEST. expensive and lasts like 2 weeks but so worth it.


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