April 18, 2011

Review: Becca Luminous Skin Color, Foundation Stick and Fine Lose Powder

So since I showed you my Becca face this week-end, I thought it would be nice to go on and review the whole 3 steps used to achieve a perfect base with Becca products. That's what Becca calls the Skin Perfecting Makeup System.

In Katie Hugues' video, she uses the products in a slightly different way than the "official" one, so here I'll be adding videos made for Zuneta by a Becca makeup artist, so you can explore different ways of using the products and find what works best for you.

First step: Prepare with the Luminous Skin Color.

You would add this one right after your primer, to even out your skintone and give your face a lovely glow - remember the Becca face is all about a dewy fresh skin.

The product comes in 15 different shades, including pink toned, yellow toned and neutral toned ones, up to the very dark side of the skin color spectrum.
Since the product is very light and transparent, you can get away with a color that is a tad bit too dark for you, in my opinion.
The one I chose, since I had to buy online, is Nude, the best-selling color for fair-medium complexion. It is indeed a tad bit dark for me but since I plan on using this in the Summer when I'm fake-tanned, this will be perfect and honestly, it does blend quite well already.

The product comes in a sleek light plastic bottle with an airless pump, which is very nice. I use 1-1.5 pump for the whole face when applying with a Mac 190 foundation brush.
It has an SPF of 25, which is always a bonus in my book, and it smells very nice - kind of a vanilla scent- but not to the point that it will bother you once it's applied.

This is an extremely lightweight product, actually I'm not surprised Becca includes it in the "priming" step. Unless you're a 16 years old model with perfect skin, you won't be able to get along with wearing this only as it doesn't hide anything at all. But it does give a lovely radiance to the skin, and it evens it out nicely excepted for discolorated or hyperpigmented areas. And it does last extremely well on the skin.

Second step: Stick foundation SPF 30 and concealing.

This is where you are going to perfect your skin with products that have more coverage. Since I don't own the Becca concealer, I use the foundation stick alone.

The foundation stick comes in over 30 shades, so everyone can find their happiness. It's very practical to take along and use in a hurry because you can apply with your fingers. I personally think that it's easier to apply it with my foundation brush, particularly if it's already wet from the primer and/or the liquid skin color product. With my hands I found it a bit thick and waxy. However, the coverage is gives is not at all cakey or pan-stick like - it's kind of medium coverage but buildable and I found that, applying with a brush, it was easy to build up without it looking like I had a ton of stuff on my face. Also I didn't need much so I don't think this stick will be used up in no time, like it does happen with some cream products.
The SPF 30 is obviously nice, and like all other products, this is very long-lasting.

Color wise, I got Praline for the stick, which is a pale neutral shade. This is actually the right color for my Winter skin and in the Summer I could probably get along better with Banana, which is a fair-medium neutral shade. However since I use this mainly in the centre of the face and in combination with Nude, which is a bit darker, the final result is really nice and Praline still works for me. (These are the joys of ordering online, as I said...)

I actually swatched these two products for you on my absolutely not-fake-tanned-yet arm:

You see that on my natural skin, Praline is a perfect match while Nude is a bit too dark.

Third step: Set with Fine Powder.
The finishing powders come in both lose and pressed forms and I got the lose one. Both come with a puff but I like to apply with a brush.

I am actually extremely impressed with this powder for two reasons: it does really take away the shine from the previous products in the areas that don't need to glow (I used more on the nose and forehead for obvious reasons) and it does really last all day, unlike most powders.
There aren't as many colors available as for the foundations but there are, again, yellow, pink and neutral undertones including in the transluscent product.
The one I got is Sesame, a neutral tone, which you see in the video (and, interestingly, it's not too dark for me even though the model is way more tanned than I am).

I find the lose powder compact very practical, it's hard enough to open that it wouldn't cause an accident in my makeup bag, and the lid is perfect to swirl your brush in the powder.

Pricing and availability.
Wherever you live, you can order Becca products from Zuneta or from Becca
The products are not cheap, but you do pay for a great quality:
Luminous Skin Color, 50ml, USD42 - £33
Stick Foundation, 8.7g, USD44 - £35
Fine Lose Powder, 15g, USD34 - £26  (the pressed powder contains 10g and costs USD32, £45)

For online orders, this might help you finding your match:

My overall impression.
I absolutely love the brand for the quality and the fact that the products keep their promises in terms of result and longevity, which is particularly important in the Summer. I also think that the wide variety of shades available is a huge bonus.

The whole routine takes a bit more time than just applying liquid foundation with fingers, though, and I am not sure it would perform well enough on someone who just has bad skin. If you're average and need to hide some discoloration and a few zits, that will work, but overall the result does stay quite transparent and glowy, very far from a mask effect. But you can always use some extra concealer, I suppose.

The price tag is quite high, particularly if you want to get at least the luminous skin color and the stick foundation to use together. They are priced around the Chanel level if I consider my local prices. I didn't get all those products at once but over the course of several months.
However I'm absolutely thrilled by the quality, as I said, so I do believe it's worth the price it if this is the kind of face you want to achieve with the benefit of SPF and all-day longevity.

Stay tuned for more Becca reviews and swatches!


  1. I'm mesmerized by the brush she is using to apply powder. Looks fantastic. I wish Becca was more widely available here. It use to sell @ Sephora. Hopefully it'll come back. I have to rely on other bloggers swatches to place orders online. :)

  2. They look great, although I think that Luminous skin colour looks a little too shiny on the model. Is it like that in person, or is it the studio lighting?

    Would love to try their powder though!

  3. You're really making me want so many things! It seems the brand is really lovely and I like how you can customize the coverage on different areas. x

  4. I really like the look of the Luminous skin colour - I like the dewy look.

  5. @ Jen: It's really not that shiny in real life, just dewy I would say, and if you use the powder on top it can even get quite matte.

  6. I'd love to know a few things before I sell my kidney. My oily skin gets mad in Summer season, so that Becca glow makes me raise an skeptic brow. And the pores, oh Zeus, the pores, which are my only skin issue so far, but they are noticeable. Do you think Becca would work on those conditions?

  7. @ Cé: Becca has fantastic primers, a mineral one with SPF 30 and or a mattifying one that might be great for your skintype.
    It would also help hiding the pores and if you don't have anything else to cover, then yes, that would work great for you. The powder is also great for keeping the shiny-ness at bay. Would I dare recommending that you get those 3 products?

  8. @Ce, I too have oily skin with pores, but BECCA turns my skin into a flawless, dewy perfection. I have the entire range now (I live in Australia) and adore every single item. I especially love the mineral powder foundation. I've just been in the outback for a few days and my face and skin stayed immaculate the whole time. I just had to re-powder every now and then. Buy with confidence, you will be thrilled with the result. I adore BECCA!!

  9. @ MrsT : thanks a lot for your insight!

  10. Great find!

    Even if it costs and arm an a leg, if it serves its purpose and does so magnificently, it's worth every single cent in the price tag.


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