April 11, 2011

Review: Kibio Eye Makeup Remover

I told you recently I was on the hunt for a new eye makeup remover (thanks again LRP for discontinuing my Holy Grail).

I found this one by Kibio in a pharmacy and thought it looked like something I migth like.

About the brand.
Kibio is a French brand sold in parapharmacies and pharmacies. The name comes from "Ki" which means "Vital Energy" in Japanese (if you're into Feng Shui you must know the word) and Bio which means organic.
The offer a full range of skincare products made of natural ingredients and organic ingredients.

About this product.
This eye makeup remover has a jelly texture and contains Rose Water and Cornflower Water to soothe the skin, and Aloe Vera for its calming properties.
The product comes in a 50 ml airless bottle with a pump, which is made of a ligth plastic.

What I like.
Unless some other so-called lotions I tried, this is a real jelly texture that will not run all over your cotton bud, which is nice.
The product is indeed very gentle and doesn't sting my eyes at all.
It removes most of my makeup effectively (I mean non-waterproof makeup though).
The packaging is very hygienic, which is important for somehting that goes onto your eyes.

What I don't like.
Although the pump is very practical, it doesn't deliver much product and I find I need 3-4 pumps for each eye.
Unfortunately it's not the most effective product I've tried, as it doesn't always get all the mascara off my lashes. The residue is really small but I notice my lashes sometimes stay a bit darker than they are in reality.

Also I do have a bit of a problem with the Organic claim. The product is certified and wears the official Organic logos on the packaging. However, when browsing the website for more information, I read that this is made of 94.2% organic products and 99.5% natural products.
I guess if the company announces this is an organic product, it's because the law allows them to do so, but still, 94.2% isn't fully organic.
Now I'm not addicted to organic products and this wasn't my criteria when picking the product, but still, I find this claim a bit misleading and that's what bothering me.

Availability and pricing.
From what I've seen on the web, this is available in France, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Canada and online. I might miss some countries though.
The price level is 14€ for a 50ml bottle which isn't cheap at all for a pharmacy brand, but I guess it's the organic factor that makes the price go higher. I'm not sure how long this quantity will last with daily use but probably not longer than 6-8 weeks, so that places the price mark quite high for me.
Would I repurchase?
Unless I don't find anything that performs better, no - I am using this up but I'll keep looking for something that works better for me. I'd only keep buying this one if I couldn't find anything else that doesn't irritate my eyes, but I highly doubt it would be the case.

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