April 19, 2011

Today, you'll find me there...

Once upon a time, Marty was Not the Marrying Kind, but then she met her Mr Right and got married, so she started blogging about her wedding planning.
She got married a year ago but still blogs about the married life, and all things weddings, including beautiful photographies that I love seeing. I just love her blog, it's one of the few non-beauty-related blogs that I follow.

I was very honored and excited when she asked me if I could write about wedding makeup for her blog because she thought that I know more about makeup than 90% of the people she knows.

So I obliged and wrote a mammuth post on do's and don'ts for wedding makeup, with a few tips here and there that will be helpful for anybody, especially if you're going to be photographed. So please hop over there and let me know what you think!


  1. Great post, M. Very professional and entertaining. :)

  2. Great post, very helpful tips :)

    Although I am not sure that it was HD powder on Nicole Kidman picture, was it? I mean who applies THAT much of hd powder when this is a product which should be applied with a VERY light touch ??? I think HD powder is only bad if you use it as a mattifying powder (which is not) and put a ton of it to prevent shininess. Anyway MUFE HD is my HG powder for pictures because it blurs imperfections, but it might work differently with other people !

    Tips about choosing a make up artist and BB/Mac were really great !

  3. @ Celine: thanks a lot! Well I have seen a demonstration of someone applying the HD powder in a way that was still invisible, then having a picture taken and that was the Nicole effect! I think this event took place right after the product was launched and makeup artists hadn't realized yet how it would look in harsh flash light like they have on the red carpet. You probably apply less and have less powerful flash light, but I think for a wedding it's not worth taking the risk!

  4. Ok, I'll keep that in mind next time i'm being photographed, usually I'm not photographed from very close so that might explain why I didn't have the white cast effect !

    I'm invited to a wedding in June, and although I'm not the bride, I wouldn't like to look like Nicole !

  5. Thanks again for a wonderful post! Vacation is kicking my behind! I'm so tired...aren't you supposed to be rejuvenated after a vacation???


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