May 15, 2011

Becca Halcyon Days Palette + FOTD's

You know how much of a Becca addict I have been recently. So I was obviously impatiently expecting the Summer collection and was thrilled to discover it on Zuneta a couple of weeks ago.

The theme for this collection is Halcyon days, it definitely has a "Hippie spending Summer days outside at music festivals" vibe, but I was more interested by the collection itself than by the theme, I must say. The promotional picture is beautiful, though.

Although the collection is very large and offers blushes, lip products, eye pencils, bronzer... and even nailpolishes (you can see it all here at Temptalia), the one thing that really caught my eye was the Halcyon Days palette.

It contains:
  • Mai Tai Lipgloss (Sheer peachy nude)
  • Bougainvillea Lip & Cheek Creme (Coral)
  • Faille Eyeshadow (Golden peach - shimmer)
  • Muslin Eyeshadow (Creamy opal - semi matte)
  • Chamois Eyeshadow (Light bronze- semi matte)
Now I haven't changed my mind about not liking when a palette has a mix of powder and cream products, I must be a bit OCD about that and always fear they're going to make a goopy mess. But the eyeshadows in this palette can't be bought as singles, and I thought what the heck - I'll just be careful when using the palette.

I have used the palette the way it was suggested in this new video by a Becca makeup artist:

The first look is a daytime, work appropriate look.

This is my "it's early on a Friday morning, I'm tired, I have a billion meetings today and I don't know yet that I'll spend hours stuck in traffic and will come home very late" face. 
You can create a very soft look with this palette, but even if the eyeshadow colors are rather light, I was amazed at how pigmented they are (well, all Becca shadows I've tried were very pigmented, so I shouldn't be surprised). They're also extremely soft, easy to apply and to blend.  Adding the shimmery one on the lid by patting it with my finger was really easy and effective, this gives a really pretty effect.

On Saturday, I tried the smokier version by adding black pencil on the upper lid and brown pencil + Chamois eyeshadow under the lower lashline.

Excuse the workout outfit and hair, I actually did work out right before doing this makeup.
All in all, this is a very pretty palette and the products in it are of great quality. The brush that comes with it is of good quality, so much better than the crappy sponge applicators we often get.

The only 2 things I would have liked to be different are:
- the lipgloss is extremely transparent, as you can see it on the 2 last pictures, it hardly shows up - I would have wished for more pigmentation
- I would have liked a darker brown eyeshadow in the palette, Chamois is a very pretty color but even on my fair skin it's not dark enough to give a lot of depth or create a very smokey eye. I like this color and will use it, but I will add a darker brown like Mac Expresso to the mix.

Becca Halcyon Days palette - £55 - UDS 65 on Beccacosmetics


  1. Very pretty look..I luv ur is so gorgeous and flawless

  2. I agree about your flawless skin! Also, where are you that has that awesome wood ceiling? Is that your house?

  3. You look great. I love the eyeshadow. I do not like a mixture of cream and powder for my palettes either and come to think of it, I don't own one that is a mixture of both.

  4. Thanks ladies!

    @ Marty: no this is my dad's house but I actually have the same kind of ceiling at my own place :)


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