May 25, 2011

Currently liking

No, these aren't beauty items stricto sensu, or maybe they are but they aren't cosmetics. I thought I would tell you about them anyway.

My first designer bag.
I've been planning on getting a designer bag for a while, actually that was a goal for this year. I had my eyes on a Louis Vuitton but I'm still unsure because 1/ they're expensive (duh!) and 2/there are so many fakes around that it makes the real ones almost look less valuable.
I did look at Delvaux bags - they've been around for over a century, actually one of my great-aunts was the proud owner of a few of them. Bummer, the model I like is over 3.000€. That's like the price of 3 mid-size LV's. Not a commitment I'm ready to make yet- maybe I'll get one of the smaller and 'cheaper' ones later.
I didn't find anything I really liked at Balenciaga or Miu-Miu, mostly because I want something that won't look dated in a couple of years, considering the price. Marc Jacobs is too expensive, Kenzo is too niche.

I found happiness in a more reasonably priced brand called Nathan-Baume

It's still not cheap, since it's leather and a fancy brand, but it was an ok budget for a designer bag that looks classic and is practical enough for everyday use at work. It can also be worn on the shoulder.
So I'm quite excited about this purchase.

Bollywood workouts. 

A few weeks ago I reached the point where I was tired of feeling like a big bag of potato chips. I'd love to lose 6 damn pounds but let's be honest, what I need the most is toning. So I have braced myself and have started exercising again.
Now exercise and me, we're not really friends. I knew that for me to stick with a routine, it would need to be fun (preferably with nice music) and doable at home (I know I'll NEVER go to the gym even if I pay a million bucks fees). That's how I got this Bollywood dance workout.
I haven't set unrealistic goals for myself. I do this (or part of this, since there are sections) once in the week-end and during week-days, I do Pilates workouts for either abs, core or legs (you can found tons of them on YouTube, I like the ones from Sparkpeople)

I still find it hard to kick myself and go do a workout, even a short one, when I'm tired from my day at work or when I'm having a million things to do on week-ends. But I am kind of getting addicted to the after feeling. I love how my spine and abs feel warm after the Bollywood workout, and I love how my abs feel tight the day after I've done Pilates.
I mostly love that I look different already: stengthening the abs does make a difference in the posture you hold!
Heaven must have frozen: I even did the Bollywood workout TWICE last week-end, I'm thinking of getting more DVD's from the same instructor! (available on Amazon)

A city-trip to come.

Visiting the makeup Mecca with 2 BFF's, that's going to be a blast!

What are you liking right now?


  1. Your bag is beautiful- and it really is a classic you'll get tons of use out of! The most important thing is that it suits you, regardless of the brand name. I actually despised LV for years much for the reason you mentioned- and the fact that in many of them the only real design element is the LV logo, and I've always had disdain for the idea of paying so exhorbitantly to advertise someone else's product.

    Then I saw the Amarante Vernis come out and I was in love! My cousin gushed when she got close enough to notice the LVs (there're more subtle on the dark finish) and when she asked where I got it and I told her Saks, she actually said "Oh, that's why Ive never seen it- it's real!" Just goes to show you, don't buy anything for the name or the prestige, buy it because you love it & it makes you happy- whether it's €20 or €2000 :)

    And, so jealous of your trip- have a blast!!!

  2. @ Jess: thanks dear! And actually I still have my eye on the Amarante Vernis as we discussed yours a while ago :) I do think it's a beautiful bag, and the small versions are still kind of affordable providing a bit of saving.

  3. Those Bollywood workout DVDs sound very interesting! x


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