May 11, 2011

FOTD - Guerlain Terre Indigo eyeshadow palette (Summer 2011)

I said I wouldn't, because I thought it would be too pretty to use, but I caved and got it.

The Guerlain Terre Indigo palette.

You might also remember me saying that I didn't like Guerlain eyeshadows that much. They're pretty, the packaging is luxurious, the products look gorgeous, but they don't offer much pigmentation. I guess they are designed for classy ladies who are afraid of putting too much on, and that's fine by me, but for that price I rather get something more pigmented even if the packaging doesn't look as pretty.
So I was quite surprised when I got to swatch a brand new tester of this one at the department store: the colors are quite pigmented, particularly the vivid ones, orange and blue. But the consistency is still very soft and blending the shadows isn't hard.

The gold parts are unfortunately an overspray. Too bad, as they mix beautifully with the colors when you apply them together, but once you've swiped your brush over the gold, it's gone. Oh well, the colors are pretty anyway.

With this compact you get a little explanation folder with 3 suggestions for combos to create with this palette. I am wearing one of them today. After several days of very important meetings, formal business dressing and toned down makeup, I thought I deserved a little color and fun!

 For this look you use the orange in the inner half of the lid and quite up into the whole crease. You then add the light brown on the outer half of the lid (this one is a bit less pigmented, I'm afraid). The dark brown is used to line the upper lashline and the blue is placed in a defined way on the outer V.

I am not completely satisfied but I did this in a rush very early in the morning, and I stupidly and stubbornly tried to blend the blue with a 272 brush (which is an angled patting brush) thinking it was a 217 (fluffy dome-shaped blending brush). Stupid me.
But well, I thought I'd show you anyway and I'll do a better blending job next time when I'm fully awake and not so late :-)

Guerlain Terre Indigo -Limited Edition eyeshadow. 58USD - 51€


  1. Gorgeous look! Was it hard to not mix the colours when you have the brush in the pan?

  2. @Jen: no that's ok actually, there's enough room to put the brush in a color without being near the others. That's what I was afraid of, too but that's just fine.

  3. It looks super pretty on you, too bad the gold is just an overspray! x

  4. I wanted to comment on this Thursday and of course Blogger was being a poophead. BTW, the comment you left along with three other comments people left were ALL erased by Blogger. They also took down one of my posts, but it was saved in my drafts, so I re-posted. So lame, no?

    ANYWHO...I really, really love these colors! And it looks so, so pretty. I am disappointed though that there's no real gold shadow. That would be so beautiful as a complimentary color!

  5. @ Rocaille: thanks
    @ Marty: yeah, bummer but... I do have other gold shadows, don't worry ;-)
    (oh I should do a post on that one of these days)

  6. It looks amazing on you. I feel the same about Chanel eyeshadows. I would rather have pigment and tone it down than keep applying to get some pigment. This looks great though.

  7. @ Ansa: tell me about it! I don't agree with Chanel shadows at all! But I was actually told by someone working for one of those high end brands that products were formulated sheerly because they were used by non-profesionnals who would find it hard to deal with high pigmentation :(


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