May 27, 2011

Review: Edward Bess Night Romance Lipstick

Picture from Modestybrown's blog

Edward Bess is a former model who made a career move to the cosmetics industry and launched his eponymous makeup line. 
This luxurious line focuses on high quality textures, timeless and universally flattering neutral shades and sleek black packaging. It is available on Zuneta

A friend of mine had gotten one of these lipsticks and loved it so much that I had to try one of them (any excuse will do). I chose Night Romance, which is a blue-based raspberry pink. But for some reason (understand: because I have half a million lipsticks), I kind of forgot about it after I got it and tried it once. Then it reappeared a couple of weeks ago, and since then I have been wearing it non stop.

This lipstick has a slight fig smell that I do enjoy, however it doesn't last very long so I guess it won't bother the sensitive noses.
The formula is very smooth, not as much as the YSL Rouge Voluptés if you know them (these are almost too smooth), but just perfectly smooth and easy to apply. It's not drying at all and keeps my lips moisturized. The pigmentation is very good and if you don't eat or drink, this lipstick will easily last for hours.

I would say that Night Romance can look a tad bit bright if your lips aren't very pigmented and/or if you are very pale. Personally, I don't mind wearing bright or dark berry colors so it's perfectly fine for me; but anyway it's very wearable and I don't think it would be too much on anyone.
For day time, it's a very polished shade that works great with my business wardrobe. For night time it goes great with a smokey eye. I'm telling you: this lipstick is a winner.

You know my passion for fuchsia and orange lipsticks, this kind of shade isn't available in the Edward Bess range. But they have a couple of reds that are on my wishlist, and it's going to be my brand of choice next to Guerlain for the easy-to-wear feminine shades. 
The only downside is the high price, but at least you get the quality you are paying for.

Edward Bess Ultra Stick Lipstick - £24 -$32


  1. It blows my mind that you like fuchsia lipsticks better than this rose shade. If I wore fuchsia lipstick, you wouldn't want to be my blog friend anymore. It's too brash with my olive/brown complexion.

  2. Nice, he makes such beautifully flattering colours.

  3. @ Marty: I doubt I wouldn't want to be your blogfriend for such a shallow reason :) but I see what you mean. You'd need a bright pink that isn't blue based so it doesn't clash with your skintone.

    @ birkinbagbeauty: indeed! And I love your screenname :)


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