May 3, 2011

Review: Garnier Ambre Solaire No Streaks Bronzer Wash Off Gel

As soon as the sun comes out and the temperature rises, one thing comes back as surely as tax period: my quest for the perfect fake tan.

I have found a very interesting product recently, but you'll have to stay tuned because it's not the one I'm going to talk about now. Keep on reading, though, I might save you some money.

What this is:
A tinted gel that contains no self-tanner, that you can apply to your body and your face to get a tan within a couple of minutes. This is transfer proof and washes off with soap and water.
It contains apricot oil to keep the skin soft and moisturized.

- it smells good (unlike fake tanners)
- it's quick and easy to apply and it dries in a couple of minutes
- it does moisturize the skin well
- it's easy to remove with soap and I haven't noticed any transfer
- the pump is very practical
- the price is reasonable (around 11€ - 150 ml) and the product is easy to find in drugstores

The color you get is awful.

Honestly, I don't know what a good comparison would be but putting this on my legs made them look like a a ripened peach color, kind of "I took a hot bath this morning and burnt my legs" but not exactly. Some kind of orange peachy sunburnt is what comes to my mind.

Would I recommend?

I love the idea of an easy to apply product that you can quickly put on before going out, but frankly, with such an unnatural color result, I don't think I'll keep on using this and it's a loss of money. I'd say skip it.


  1. do you have a bronzer you like for the face? liquid or lotion as in not powder? please share! i have one i use and i have noticed recently i look orange in pics. (please tell me i look normal in real life. i have been using it for a while. ugh.)

  2. @ Mimi: Well the most natural thing would be to use a self-tanner mixed with your moisturizer so you get a gradual effect.
    Other than that, finding the best bronzer is probably one of the most difficult challenges in makeup! You might want to try cool-toned ones, or even turn to cool-toned brown blush (Illamasqua has some, Nars does too I think).
    The best one I ever had (and finished!) was the Cargo Blue Ray one, matte and not orange, a very good product - it's powder though.

  3. Thanks for commenting on my post! I didn't realise my post was on the RBR facebook page!

    Thanks for the great review. It's a shame this product had an awful colour!

  4. @ Penelope: hey, thanks for stopping by!


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