June 16, 2011

Currently using: Lierac Ultra Body-Lift 10 slimming serum

Remember that a few months ago, I told you about this new Nuxe organic Oil I was trying to fight that awful  normal thing that is cellulite? Well it's going to be hard for me to review that one seriously for you. First of all, I've not been that good at following my diet resolutions. Secondly I haven't been very good either at applying the product on a daily basis. And thirdly, somewhere along the road I started exercising again so that interferes as well.
Anyways, as I expected: no miracle; but this is a very nice moisturizing oil that helps with firming the skin a bit, at least that's how it felt.

So now I'm moving onto something else, and it's a product I already used a few years ago - a friend of mine gave me a full bottle of it recently so we're reunited.
It's not Lierac's most recent slimming serum, they have launched several new products after that one, but there's quite a few things I like in this good old product:
- the packaging is very practical to use: twist the cap and squeeze
- it's bubblegom pink
- it's very easy to apply and it dries very quickly without leaving your skin sticky, so you can apply in the morning before getting dressed
- it smells good
- it contains caffeine, which is the most used anti-cellulite ingredient 

Does it work? Well, we'll see, but as you know I don't expect miracles: all women have cellulite, as they're kind of genetically programmed to stock on fat. There's no miracle product that can change that, and all I'm hoping for is an improvement of the skin surface appearance. Massaging the skin on a regular basis does help with that. There are a few other tricks that you can use, and if you haven't seen it yet, just look at this video by the lovely Gemsmaquillage, as she explains them pretty well.

Other than that, while my previous produc was organic, this one contains parabens, perfume, artificial colors... you name it. Not for you if you're into the natural stuff but as you know, I'm not really bothered by those ingredients.

Lierac Ultra Body Lift 10 is 200ml and retails for about 24€ - USD 36.

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