June 7, 2011

FOTD: graphic liner, and Kim K soft curls

While enjoying 2 last days of vacation before going back to work (boooh), I'm taking my time to play with hair and makeup in the morning!
This look is inspired by this hair tutorial:

and this makeup tutorial:

And here's the result!

For the hair I used my Braun flat iron at maximum temperature, like I always do when I straighten my hair. I then shook the hair and messed it up a bit with my Phyto 9 day cream, and added a bit of hairspray.
I must say it's not too difficult to achieve and I do like this style a lot!

For the eyes I chose to use a navy liner instead of a black one, that's Bobbi Brown Ink in Cobalt.
Working with liner always takes a bit of time, but it's easy to fix mistakes with gel liner if you keep cotton buds and your Bioderma handy!

Have you tried any new FOTD recently?


  1. Pretty! I like the hair. I'm always trying to do effortless waves, but it's hard since I have curly hair and the weather can throw a wrench in that plan easily. I have the best luck with this style in winter.

    BTW...do you watch The Kardashians? I'm addicted. Shhh!! Don't tell. : O )

  2. Love both hair and liner!
    Every time I try to curl my hair with a flat iron I get one beautiful curl and the rest perfectly straighten. I'm useless.

  3. @ Marty: thanks - my hair is curly as well, kind of soft S curls but not very defined and rather frizzy so putting some style in them is always a bit of a challenger. And it better not rain!

    @ Caprichosesenciales: thank you! I didn't start from straight hair, I had my natural wave in it, so I guess that helps. Really curling hair with a flat iron never works for me, I use a regular curling iron if I want real bouncing curls.

  4. Regarding waves, as I already have curly hair... However, if I wanna get this wavy hair result, it more difficult for me as I first have to strengthen my hair and then curve it.

    BTW, what kind of flat iron would you recommend and where can I buy one ?

    I think combination of MU and hair style work perfectly together here. Navy blue liner is definitely a good option and lighter one.

    For a FOTD, I am going back to the office tomorrow and will definitely try to post one on twitter.

    Enjoy your last day! :)

  5. @ Nina: I see the problem. If you want to invest in a straightener, Cloud9 or GHD are the best, I'll get one of these when my straightener dies. I use a Braun one that I love but I'm not sure it would work that well on more coarse/thick/wavy hair.

  6. Very pretty. I think eyeliner suits you extermily well.


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