June 2, 2011

The Illamasqua Transformation(s) @ Selfridges, London.

You know I have loved Illamasqua for a long time, pretty much since they launched, not only for their products but also because of their vision of makeup as a tool to reveal the bolder - or darker - you. 
When planning our London week-end with my friends, we decided we should go and meet our Alter Ego's, so I booked appointments at the Selfridges counter.

So we went there on Friday afternoon. One of my friends, whom we'll call Miss B, doesn't wear much makeup on a daily basis. But she loves smokey eyes and has a passion for false lashes, so that's what she went for.

Makeup Artist Albertas creating a smoky eye on Miss B!
Her makeup artist used Surge liquid metal as a base and then blended several lose pigments on top, using quite a lot of Android - which I found so pretty I had to get it for myself as well.

Isn't Android pigment gorgeous??

My other friend, fellow French beauty blogger Une Fille Lambda, had her makeup done by national makeup artist Mika Doll - lucky her! Although I consider myself lucky too since I could watch him work and take a ton of pictures.

National makeup artist Mika is creating Lambda's makeup
Lambda has beautiful hazel eyes, and absolutely loves purple. She did't give Mika any special request, as she wanted to see what he would come up with, but I can tell you she was very excited when he picked purple eyeshadows for her look!

Mika created this gorgeous purple look with what I'd call "reverse" liner: the liner on the upper lid is pale while black liner is applied under the lower lashline and comes up to meet the outer part of the lid makeup in a kind of wing. A mix of matte eyeshadows and shimmery pigments was used. No false lashes were applied with this look.
Also Lambda doesn't like the look of blush too much on herself, and Mika agreed that it wasn't the best thing to enhance her features so he contoured her cheeks insteead.

Isn't she lovely?

After my friends'makeup was done and I had taken a million pictures, it was my turn to sit on the chair. My makeup artist was the lovely Cristina. I only told her I wasn't exactly conservative with makeup and she could do whatever she wanted and be creative. 

Cristina doing my makeup.
Cristina started with the eyes, and told me she would do my base later as she was going to use pigments that would probably fall out. But she used Illamasqua Mat primer all over the face, then did use a bit of foundation on my eyes before starting, though.
As she wanted to surprise me, she didn't let me see much of the makeup before it was finished, but she made sure to explain all the different steps afterwards - and Miss B was taking tons of pics for me to use anyway :)

Cristina used liquid metals in Resolute (red) and Phenomena (silver) mixed together as a base on the lid.
She then used pure pigment in Fervent (a reddish brown with blue sparkles in it) patted on the inner 2/3ds of the lid, and Gimp eyeshadow (matte slate grey black) on the outer third and into the crease. She blended the edges and contoured the eye above the crease with Vulgar eyeshadow (bright orange).
She lined the waterline with Sophie pencil (black) and also used some into the lower lashes, before adding Fervent pigment to line the lower lash line.
Finally, she patted Daemon eyeshadow (matte scarlet red) on top of Fervent pigment, and applied lashes #17 and a bit of black liquid liner.

Cristina used Rich Liquid foundation in 150 under my eyes to hide under eye dark circles, and Rich Liquid foundation in 200 on the rest of my face, making sure both colors would blend seamlessly.
She used Rich Liquid for 2 reasons: to hide the surface redness on my face and create a blank canvas, but also because I tried it a long time ago and couldn't make it work for me - this way I could learn how to apply it. The trick is to use a blusher brush, dip it in the tiniest amount of foundation (and I mean less than a pea size, really a small amount) and then apply with feather-like movements, almost not touching the skin and definitely not rubbing or pushing the product into it. The result was absolutely flawless and not cakey at all.

Then Cristina applied Hussy powder blush, a tad bit of gleam cream to highlight the top of the cheeks, and then she picked Maneater lipstick, which is a gorgeous matte scarlet red. 

the finished look
We absolutely loved our experience at Illamasqua. All the makeup artists were absolutely adorable, very professional and talented and very respectful of what we wanted. If you want to get a makeover at Illamasqua but fear that the look will be too bold for you, I don't think you need to worry as all makeup artists will listen to your wishes and create something that works for you.
If you're interested in booking for a makeover at Selfridges, you can find more information here

me with makeup artist Cristina




  1. You look AMAZING! Stunning! what a beautiful look they did for both you and your friend! WOW. And thanks for the tip on the foundation!

  2. Great foundation tip. I might have to go get this done one time...

  3. Your eyes look amazing! What a lovely experience.

  4. Oh my gosh! You look absolutely awesome.
    And yes, Android is really cool.

  5. Wow, you are absolutely ravishing!!! I'm glad you had her use the Rich Liquid, as I know it's a very different formula and takes some finesse to get right. I usually use an e.l.f. Studio Powder brush with mine, but I think key is using a small amount of foundation and a dense brush. I actually just ordered the new 115 color in the Rich Liquid as well as both of the primers. I know I like the Satin, I grabbed the matte for my kit- what did you think of it?

  6. Wow! You look stunning. Gorgeous. xx

  7. Wow, you look beautiful. I love Illamasqua! (:

  8. @ Elvira: thanks - and this trick does all the difference indeed!
    @ Robyn: of course you should do it!
    @ Jessica: it's amazing how it smoothes the skin and almost hides pores as soon as it's applied and it's still on its own. I didn't find it drying either. Cristina told me she uses it on all her photo shoots (she does ads and that kind of stuff)

    @ everybody: Thanks for the lovely comments

  9. You look super hot!:) Maneater is one of my fav l/s!


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