June 1, 2011

The London Makeup Haul

One of the brands I was really looking forward to seeing in real life in London was Becca. Since I do not have any access to it, I was impatient to swatch and get a few products.
Unfortunately I didn't get much help. Charles Fox had the testers but not the products I wanted, and the Becca counter at Fenwick was out of stock of a lot of things, including almost everything I wanted.
So the only thing I was able to get was the Sheer Lip Tint in Laelia.
This is a peachy nudey "my lip but better" color.

At the Shu Uemura counter I was brave and didn't get any makeup. Only a cleansing oil. I've been using the pink one (for combination skin) and liking it but I have recently tried a sample of the orange one (for dry skin) and thought it worked great for me. Maybe because my skin has been drier since I've been using castor oil a couple of times a week to cleanse. I don't plan on using this one daily, at least not during Summer time, but alternating with the pink oil and my own bland of almond and castor oils seems like a good plan.

At Nars I got a few pretty bits : eyeshadow duos in Scorching Sun and Surabaya, and velvet gloss lip pencil in Happy Days.
The eyeshadows are all very warm colors: Scorching Sun is a lovely summery mix of warm apricot and sheeny orange colors, and Surabaya is made of a chestnut brown and a gorgeous brown sugar color I fell in love with as soon as I saw it.
Happy Days is a gorgeous peachy color and I love that those lip pencils are so easy to wear.

The biggest haul was at Illamasqua, as we were so enthusiast about having a makeover there and getting the products used on us.  And I got quite a few!

  • Rich Liquid Foundation in #200
  • Mat primer
  • Powder blush in Hussy (bright candy pink, quite a warm one)
  • Lipstick in Maneater
  • Liquid metal in Phenomena (silver)
  • Pure Pigment in Android and in Fervent (I could have gotten them all, they're beautiful!)
  • Powder eyeshadows in Dameon (scarlet red), Vulgar (bright orange) and Gimp (slate grey black)
  • Lashes #17 which are really dramatic (the glue provided with it is latex free but in my opinion not working as well as Duo lash glue)
I will of course review the products as I get to using all of them for a bit.


  1. Oh, you bought some lovely things! I have Fervent, it's a beautiful pigment.

  2. The Illamasqua blush looks lovely! And the lashes look really cute, too!

  3. Great haul, love these metallic shadows by Illamasqua :)

  4. Glad you had a good time- I can't wait to see your individual reviews, especially on the Illamasqua shadows. I have Vapour (another orange) and one of the quads by Illamasqua and I hate to say I was mostly disappointed in the shadows. The shades are great, but the pigmentation isn't what I was expecting. I've heard the shadows are a little hit & miss, so I'm interested to hear what you think (and I'm hoping you'll share some of the knowledge bestowed upon you by your Illamasqua artist!) I'll keep an eye out!

  5. @ Grace: isn't it? Have you used it on a FOTD on your blog, by the way? I'd love to see it.

    @ Robyn: thanks!

    @Rocaille: I already owned and love 3 of them so I'm happy about this new addition

    @ Jessica: I have had the same experience before. I'm going to see how I can make these work but the MUA at the counter definitely could work great with them. Maybe because there was the cream base underneath? Or the ones she used are all hits and no misses?


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