June 14, 2011

Picture tagged by Mira Sundari

Something not beauty related today, but it's because randomness brought up something different!
My friend and fellow blogger Mira tagged me with this picture tag:

1. Go to the fourth folder in your computer where you store your pics (do not cheat).
2. Then pick the fourth picture in the folder.
3. Explain the picture.
4. Tag 4 people to do the same.

Well, here's my picture.

I bet you didn't expect that kind of picture, uh?

The 4th folder in my computer contains a lot of pictures from the previous generations in my family. I got them last year from one of my aunts who spent quite some time gathering them and scanning them so they could be shared with the whole family.

These people are my great-grand parents on my mother's side. The baby they're holding is my mother's aunt. That aunt actually lived till 93 years old so I have known her well into my late teens. My own grand-mother, whom I haven't known, was the second child in that family and wasn't born yet when the picture was taken. This is what allows me to say that this portrait was made circa 1900.

The very strange thing on this picture, for me, is that the great-grand mother looks a lot like my own mom. Or I guess I should say that my mom looked a lot like her grandma. Apart from the dated hair and clothes, and maybe the severe expression which my mom didn't have, they could have been twins.
The baby, though, was going to grow looking a lot like her dad. And, very strangely, in the last months of her life, my mom started looking a lot like her.

I guess genetics always catches you back, eh? One of my cousins actually looks a lot like our great-grandpa. I like the idea that there can still be a lot of things from a person that will be brought to life again by genes generations later :-)

OK, enough family rambling, I need to tag 4 people now! They are:

Can't wait to see your pictures, ladies!


  1. Wow! What a fantastic picture :)
    A wonderful story too my lovely ♥

  2. Love this tag, and the photo is amazing! x

  3. Your photo and story were amazing! I find family history so interesting.

  4. I'm so behind! I didn't see this until today. I will post mine on Tuesday! : O ) I also am in the process of emailing you back. : O )

  5. I have to do it on Thursday...but it's for sure happening then. I forgot I posted something else already for Tuesday. Oops!

  6. @ Marty don't worry, I'll forgive you ;-)

  7. Gosh that photo really is something special isn't it. I love how you keep a folder of these things.

  8. @ Jen: sure, it's crazy how a picture can make you connect with people you never met


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